October 24, 2016

Monday-Sunny and Warm

A good day and a good weekend!

I had a good trip to Sendai, got back tonight.  I’ll just give a few highlights before I go on with my entry about today.

My trip to Sendai on Saturday was fine.  I had no problems finding the hotel, the only problem with the hotel was they asked for my passport.  I reminded them that I didn’t have to show it to them and paid my bill!

The room was fine.  I had a semi-double room and as the hotel was brand new, everything was nice and shiny in the room.  I relaxed for a few minutes and then headed out to The Mall.  At The Mall, I did a little shopping (socks!) and then headed over to the theater and bought my ticket to see Star Trek Beyond.  I had an hour or so and I wanted something to eat, so took myself off to a Starbucks for quiche and a sandwich.  After that, back to the movie.  

I enjoyed the film, thought it was okay but not great.  I shed a bit of a tear when “For Anton” appeared at the end.  I went to the washroom and then left the building.  I was halfway to the subway station when I realized that I didn’t have my socks bag.  Ack.  What to do?  I decided that since I wasn’t sure I could get back in the building tonight and I wasn’t sure how late the subway runs in Sendai, I would go back to my hotel and try and go back on Sunday.  I had a fairly early night that night.

Sunday morning I got up early and took a bath in the hotel’s public bath, then got dressed and headed to the station.  I met up with my friends, we had breakfast and then headed out to the ETJ Expo.  We nearly took the wrong train, but righted ourselves.  

We set up the table and had a good day chatting and talking about our organization to interested women.  Some people had to leave early, but three of us went out for coffee afterwards.  I left them then and went back to my hotel to drop off my stuff.

I zoomed back over to The Mall and picked up my socks which were being held by the clerks at the ticket desk.  I was really happy that they had them!  

I didn’t have time for much exploring, but I had dinner in an Italian restaurant, then bought a few munchies at the grocery store in the Mall.  I went back to the hotel and got a movie card and watched a movie before going to bed.

Today, I checked out of the hotel and put my stuff in two lockers.  My backpack was huge and I didn’t want to try stuffing it in one locker with my suitcase.  

I caught a subway and went to a new cinema for me, The Forum.  I saw Genius, the film about Max Perkins, a famous editor.  He edited books by Fitzgerald and Hemingway, but this book was mostly about his relationship with Thomas Wolfe.  I liked it, although I’m not sure if everyone would.  

After the movie, I headed back downtown.  I had lunch in a hamburger joint that one of the ladies from the day before had said was the “second-best” hamburger restaurant in the station.  I never found out where the first one was.  I didn’t like it that much.  My hamburger had a layer of salt on it, and along with the french fries left me terribly thirsty.
I bought a few postcards in different stores and gradually made my way over to the bus station.  I boarded my bus at 16:25 and was off on my way home.  

F met me at the bus centre and we first had a coffee in Doutors and then went for dinner at Togashi.  We had Yakiniku and it was great.  I had spent the weekend having sandwiches and onigiri and I needed something “real”.  

We bought a few groceries and then came home.  I got caught up on Postcrossing and email, the usual.  

And that’s it. I’m sitting here yawning at my keyboard, so I think I’m going to get myself off to bed soon.  Come back later and see what my Tuesday is like!  Until tomorrow….

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