November 10, 2016

Thursday - Cold but clear

A goodish day.

Still reeling from yesterday’s election results, I went to bed a tad early (for me) last night and still overslept this morning. Sigh. Still, I got up, made some coffee and oatmeal for breakfast and got on with my day.  I watched something from the DVR this morning I believe and then turned off the TV. 

I did some of my computer stuff early and then got dressed up warmly and set off on my computer.  I rode to Tokai, the craft shop.  I had a look at some of their yarn in the store, but have virtually decided that it just won’t do.  It’s a little thin and it has wool in it.  Their acrylic isn’t very nice either.  I’m slightly allergic to wool, so I don’t really want to work with it.  After Tokai, I visited the drugstore for a few things and then debated with myself over where to go.  I could either go to Gusto or towards home and Marumatsu.  I decided to go to Marumatsu since it would be dark soon and I didn’t want to be out too long.

I went there and had a very late lunch. I had a Japanese meal…some kind of steamed rice with fall vegetables and chicken.  It wasn’t too bad at all. I added on drink bar too and drank much too much coffee.  

I came home and after a little while, F came home too.  He’d had a long driving day…He’d had to go to Sendai which is over 3 hours away when you can’t use the highway, which he couldn’t.  

When I asked him about dinner, he asked to go to the cheapo udon shop we went to last week or the one before.  I said okay, but I wasn’t too happy about it.  When we got there, it wasn’t as busy as last time.  I ordered something different this time, I had shaved beef on udon, and it wasn’t very good.  I told F that it wasn’t the place as much as the dish.  My meat was bathed in oil and was kind of gross.  I was quite disappointed.  

We did some shopping at the grocery store and decided that we’d have nabe tomorrow night for dinner.  I hope that F is up for making it! I’ll prepare the cooking pot and maybe some of the veggies, but the rest is up to him.  

We came home and had a quiet night in.  I watched Bones and darned in a few ends of the poncho, also surfed the web looking for nice yarn in Japan.  I found some, but have no idea how to order it…and the website is in English!

And that’s about it.  Tomorrow I should run to the post office to make a payment, but apart from that, I haven’t go much planned.  I might run out for coffee or something if I feel like it.  I am a bit stir crazy at the moment.  Facebook is full of doom and gloom and rending of clothes….Sometimes I just want to tell everyone to take a deep breath.  Then I start to worry that I’m not worried enough…so definitely time to stay off Facebook and find a happy place with a book or a crochet hook!

Come back later if you feel like it and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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