November 11, 2016

Friday - Clear and rainy
Remembrance Day.
A sad day. 

I overslept this morning by a lot. It was dark out and that’s just going to have to be my excuse.  When I checked Facebook I saw the sad news about Leonard Cohen.  He had died.  With the news of the US Election and some sad news I heard from a friend, it just seemed like a horrible day, one that I wanted to go back to bed and hide from.  But, I didn’t.

I had an earlyish lunch since I got up too late for breakfast.  I had a little texting time with F and then relaxed for a bit.  I got some computer things done, washed up the dishes and the nabe for later and then went out. 

I went to the post office first to make a payment and then continued downtown.  I walked around the mall a little, and then went to Doutor and had French Toast and a soy latte.  I was surprised both at how good and big the French Toast was. I only wanted something small…I had forgotten to take medicine earlier and am not supposed to take it on an empty stomach. Still, it was good.

I left the mall around 6:30 and walked home in the dark.  Sigh. It is so dark outside now.  It wasn’t raining anymore, which was nice.

At home, F called to say he had finally finished work, and he came home.  He made the nabe for us.  We’d bought some kimchi soup yesterday and he used that for the base, so it actually tasted really good for a change!  We finished the whole thing tonight, no leftovers at all.  

We’ve had a fairly quiet evening.  I watched some TV, including the double shot of Shameless.  The show cracks me up so much.  It really does.

I spent quite a bit of time writing my blog entry for my postcard blog, so if you are bored, have a gander at that! Other than that, I’m out of here.  Tomorrow I plan to go yarn shopping, but I’m not sure that I’ll be successful.  Wish me luck, as I’ll be going with F who has no idea about crafting at all.  Come back later and see how it goes.  Until tomorrow….

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