November 13, 2016

Sunday - Mostly Clear, Warm and Sunny

A good day.

I really overslept this morning.  The antihistamines that I am on really seem to be doing a number on me.  It didn’t help that it was dark out, and F was in the living room with the lights off.  I actually very nicely told him today that he should turn the lights on in the living room, to help me wake up.

We had a difficult time finding a lunch place today.  The first place we tried finished at 2:00, about 3 minutes before we arrived, the second place was booked out for a party.  As a last resort and because my nose was streaming and I couldn’t take medicine until I ate, I suggested Gusto.  We went there and had an okay lunch.  I had two kinds of salad. One was a noodle salad with some kind of no-carb noodle, and the other was an avocado-shrimp salad that I shared with F.  

After lunch we drove to F’s car dealership to make arrangements for his car to be repaired.  It’s very noisy at the moment and with winter coming up, it’s a necessary thing.  
We came home for a while after lunch and relaxed for a bit.  

Around 6:30 F wanted dinner so we went out again.  I suggested a few places, but F said Bikkuri Donkey!! I was surprised since I didn’t think he liked it, but it was fine with me.  We had an okay meal there and then went and bought groceries for the upcoming week.  While we were there, we bumped into F’s niece and her husband.  She’s a couple of days overdue…I told her that we didn’t know she was even expecting until a few days ago.

We came home and at 9:00pm I watched a Hugh Grant movie that I hadn’t seen before called The Rewrite in English and ReLife or something in Japanese.  It was pretty funny.  I thought it was amusing that they kept saying mean things about Jane Austen, especially since Hugh Grant was in Sense and Sensibility

I had made some tea and microwave popcorn before the movie, and when it was gone, I started on my latest blanket.  I’ve done one square.  The pattern is easy, but the writer made the pattern explanation almost too easy for me.  Still, once I get it down, I’m sure I’ll be able to knock out a few in a short time.  Fingers crossed anyway!

And that’s about it for today.  F went to sleep a while ago.  I’m all plugged up again…I’ve never had allergies so bad that I’ve had to take medicine before and I really, really don’t like it!  

I may go out tomorrow, just to get out of the apartment, I haven’t really decided.  The sad thing is that there isn’t that many cool places to go around here.  

Come back in a bit and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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