November 4, 2016

Friday - Rainy

Horrible day.

It all started out well.  I got up this morning, only a little late and watched The X-Files and made my breakfast.  Along the way today I made the bed, got dressed and did about 3 loads of laundry, not all of it mine.  

In the evening I tried to get ready for dinner.  I did the dishes and put the water on to boil.  When F came home I was ready to basically just put the pasta in the water.  I checked with him that he wanted dinner soon.  He did.  I checked again, just before I put the pasta in that he’d be okay to eat in a few minutes.  He said he was.  

The pasta cooked away and I browned some ground chicken, then dished it up.  The pasta was ready so I put it out.  F didn’t come.  I put my sauce on mine, then I did his.  He didn’t come.  He was finally coming over when I was putting his salad out but apparently I didn’t move out of the way soon enough and he wouldn’t come and eat with me.  So, I ate alone, did the dishes and came through to the living room.

A little while later we started to fight.  Most of it was about how the food wasn’t ready when he was ready to eat (?) and how he wanted to watch the news when he comes home and I want the TV off.  If he actually watched the news I wouldn’t care, but it usually ends up being sports and crap like that at a very loud volume. 

He threw a lot of things, mostly in another direction, except for the water he threw on my computer.  He was in a foul mood.  

We have barely spoken since.  He wants to take me to the doctor tomorrow morning at 8:30…the doctors don’t usually open until 9 anyway and I prefer to go later as I’d be seen a whole lot sooner.  Since I am usually not out of bed until 9am that is rather a large problem.  

We’ve been very quiet for the last couple of hours except he’s being rather a jerk and doing annoying things like cutting his nails in the living room or kitchen.  

Anyway, that has been my day today.  Not sure how much I’ll be posting over the next few days.  I know that he’s been getting grief from his family about things and stuff is happening at work so he is stressed. However I don’t really appreciate being the recipient of his bad moods.  

Hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow …guess you’ll just have to come back and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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