November 6, 2016

Sunday - Cloudy and cold

A good day.

I slept in this morning until just before noon.  F was sitting in the dark and cold before I came through.  I don’t know why he thinks I’ll get out of bed for that. Bed is warm and fab, living room is cold and dark. No contest!

F wanted to go for Gyudon, and since I talked him out of it yesterday, thought I’d better let him have it today.  We went and at first they didn’t take our order, then they got mine wrong, and then finally mine arrived and it was only okay.  

After lunch we went to the mall and had a coffee or a tea and then came home again.

At home we vegged for a while and then I decided to take my bike into the bike shop.  F said he’d come too, so we walked it over.  I was surprised because the tire wasn’t flat, but F said he’d blown it up.  The Bike Shop guy asked us to come back in an hour so we walked to the McDonalds and had coffee and french fries, which are apparently free in the afternoon with my iPhone App! We walked back and picked up my bike.  The guy said it wasn’t a puncture, it was the valve, but F said he had checked it so…?

At home again, F went over to his mother’s for a meeting and I worked on wrapping my sister’s present.  When he came home again, I was mostly done.  He wanted to go for dinner fairly soon, and I suggested Okonomiyaki, since I recently wrote about it for my postcard blog.  

We went to Aki and had a nice time.  I ordered okonomiyaki with udon, and he had his with soba.  We shared our okonomiyaki with each other, and also had an order or gyoza.

We visited a hundred yen shop to get big envelopes for my sister’s present, but we found something better there!  We also picked up a few things, I got a fine sieve that I can use to wash my quinoa in. I think it’ll work if I’m careful.  

We came home and I boxed up my sister’s present and got it taped and ready to send.  I’ll have to take it to the post office tomorrow.

F took a bath and I took care of the garbage for tomorrow.  

I’m not exactly sure what I’ll get up to tomorrow.  F needs to take his mother to the doctor so will try to get the day off work.  I advise that if you are wanting to find out that you come back later!  Until tomorrow….


Erick Al Mubaroq said...

Oh I like to read your blog because I'm learning English it helps me a lot to improve my English,, I like to read your story as well,
It's an honor to get to know you mrs. Helen

Helen said...

Thanks Erick! I'm glad you introduced yourself. Welcome :-)

Erick Al Mubaroq said...

Thank you Mrs. Helen, you've been writting a lot, I followed your blog and i found a posting on 2012, wow that's awesome.are you settled down in Japan Mrs. Helen?