November 7, 2016

Monday - Clear and sunny, cool

A good day.

I got up in time to watch The X-Files and have breakfast.  I got dressed afterwards and just a bit before 12, F came home.  He’d taken his mother to the onsen, but she’d misplaced her glasses and it took so long to find them that they weren’t able to go to the doctor in the morning.  He was going to take her in the afternoon.

No problems.  We went to Naa for lunch, had to sit at a low table for a change but it wasn’t a big deal.  F had said it was warm out, so I nearly went without a proper jacket, but remembered at the last moment that the restaurant is a draughty old house, so went and got a wrap.  Good decision, since it was cold inside!

On the way back from the restaurant, we stopped at a “Farmer’s Market” place and got some gorgeous looking swiss chard and some other vegetables.  I’m going to make another vegetarian/vegan stew thing tomorrow.  If F chooses not to eat it that is HIS problem not mine! 

We mailed my sister’s birthday present today too.  The woman was trying to talk me into sending it by EMS, but the cost was more than the gift was worth.  I usually do send it because it is faster and I can track it, but I think my sister will understand if it is a day or two late.  I hope so!

F dropped me off at home and he went off to take his mother to the doctor.  He messaged me a couple of times to say that he’d seen his niece, the pregnant one.  Only, when I saw the message, I didn’t see the part that he was talking about his niece, thought he was talking about his mother for a split second! 

When F came home later he did some research for a while on his computer and then we went out for dinner.  I gave him a choice of two places and he picked the Indian/Nepali restaurant Anmol.  We went there and got the couple set. It was huge and really good too.  I was hungry, but probably not quite enough for that set! We had tandori, shish kebab, salad, two naan, two curries, drinks, dessert and a couple of other things.  It was good.

We picked up a few groceries on the way home to make a meal for dinner tomorrow night and then spent the rest of the evening in.  F watched the Pacquiao fight, which he only remembered after I mentioned it! When it was over I watched a few things as I played on my computer.  

So that’s about it for my day.  Come back on Tuesday to see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….  

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