December 12, 2016

Monday - Snowy

A goodish day.

I got up on time this morning and noticed that the kerosene heater was nearly empty.  I filled it up, started it, and then did my usual morning things.  I had tea and cereal, then a little snooze.  F came home for a minute, he’d had to drop someone off nearby and was waiting to pick them up.  He left again and I was alone.  

I got dressed and made the bed, then I started making soup.  As always happens, it took longer than I expected.  I had to cut up the veggies and the meat too.  Soon I had it bubbling away in the slow cooker though.

In the afternoon I did a load of laundry and put away a bunch of clothes and towels.  I did have some problems putting away towels in the bathroom though.  The shelf is much too high for me and I couldn’t just throw the towels up, although I did try!

I was supposed to run to the post office, but didn’t manage.  I didn’t even get around to eating lunch until 5 pm.  F called me and said he wouldn’t be home until 8:00pm.  Around 7:30, I started doing things like setting the table and getting some of the food out.  He came home at 7:58 and I made him go and change and then we had dinner.

He basically was too tired to eat much and only had a bowl of soup and a very little bit of salad.  He buggered out of doing the dishes again, but I let him off because I knew he was tired.  Still, he’s been “tired” a lot these days.  

Earlier in the evening a friend of mine had been featured on the local news programme, so I had taped it for F as he knows her too.  I made him watch it and then let him watch whatever he wanted.  He watched skating.  Sigh.  I got sucked in towards the end because of Patrick Chan, and the fact it was the exhibition rather than a competition.  

We had a quiet evening here.  I am going to try and get to bed soon as I’m a bit tired and I may or may not be going out tomorrow! If I go out, I have a few ideas about things that I can do with myself, if I don’t, I have some other ideas of things I can do by myself!

That’s it for me.  Come back in a bit and see what my Tuesday is like.  Until tomorrow….

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