December 14, 2016

Wednesday - Cold with a bit of rain and hail

A good day.

I got up this morning to an empty apartment.  F didn’t have a good night again so decided to take the day off.  However, he had to pick up his medicine from yesterday’s doctor visit and check on his mother.  I sat on the couch and did my usual things for the morning. He came back just as my show was ending, so I yielded the couch to him.

After a while we made a game plan for the day.  We would take my mail stuff to the post office and send it, then go to the car dealership to pay for some work F had done recently and then have lunch.  That’s basically what we did.  

I was very organized at the post office and had even downloaded the custom forms from the website and filled them out that way, so I wasn’t holding up people unnecessarily.  I did get a bit annoyed when the woman kept going over the “dangerous goods” list on the back of the form…why on earth would I send my sister and family dangerous chemicals or radioactive material…if I could even get it in the first place? Still, she didn’t freak out at having to help a foreigner so that was good.  She made a list of the things in the box in Japanese…not sure what the point of that was.  I mean, it makes sense in a way, but what is she planning to do with it I wonder?! Usually the clerk just runs through what everything is so that they can check if it is okay or not. I also got my Christmas Cards sent and a last minute gift too.  Hurray for that.

We had lunch which started off being a bit of a “thing”.  I had made a couple of suggestions, but F wanted to go somewhere else.  We went to one place, but it was closed, another place was also closed and then finally went to one of my suggestions.  I had thought about going to Pisolino, the Italian buffet place.  Usually it is quite good, but today, what I ordered wasn’t very good at all.  I had shrimp and broccoli pepperoncino which is usually a little spicy, but today was dull.  F had carbonara, he liked it.  We shared a turnip and anchovy pizza.  I liked the turnip because of the crunch, but couldn’t taste the anchovies at all.  

Oh well. 

We went to the car dealership and paid the bill.  We also gave them our big bag of bottle caps that we have been collecting for years!  They have a collection stand, but I think what we gave them might fill it!

We came home and F snoozed on the couch and I spent time on my computer and texting people.  I watched the news too, so that was good.

In the evening F and I decided we weren’t really hungry, so waited a bit for dinner.  Finally he suggested udon. I didn’t really want it, but knew that one place he likes actually has some salads on the menu, so suggested going there.  We did, and had a decent meal.  I ordered something that I thought was small, but turned out to be huge!  The salad was good though.

We bought a few groceries and then came home.  I watched CSI: Cyber and did a bit of crochet during it.  That was good for me.  Haven’t done much for a while.

And that was basically it for the night.  It was a good day in that I got my mail sent out.  Next thing I have to do is to make my nengajo.  I’ll be busy next week a bit, so that could get difficult. 

Come back later and see how my Thursday goes.  It could be fun, could be interesting.  Until tomorrow….

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