December 22, 2016

Thursday - Clear in the morning, rainy for the rest of the day.

A good day.

I got up this morning a little after 8 am, made the bed and took a shower.  I had breakfast and watched Revenge then got dressed and left the apartment on the dot of 10 am.  

I taught a class this morning and it went quite well.  After it was over, I walked home via the post office.  I bought a few stamps for my postcards. When I came out of the post office it was raining.  Good thing I had brought my umbrella!

When I got home, I changed out of my work clothes and relaxed for a while.  I did my internet things and I had some more tea.  I checked my evening class plans and had lunch too.  

I left the apartment again just before 5 pm.  My lesson tonight went quite well and I enjoyed meeting the students.  I came home afterwards to an empty apartment.  

F was hoping to see a doctor tonight, but couldn’t get in.  He came home a few minutes after I did.  

We talked about dinner and he suggested a couple of places which were fine.  F wanted to walk so that he could have a drink, and I didn’t mind.  It was raining, but warm out.  

We walked over to Yoronotaki and had a nice meal.  It was mostly meat based, but quite nice.  We had sukiyaki, nankotsu, yakitori, potatoes and a couple of other things.  After we ate, we walked home again.  

We got home just in time to watch Bones.  I made some tea and enjoyed the episode, F snoozed on the couch.  I printed out some nengajo, but I haven’t written them yet.  

That is most of my day.  It wasn’t bad.  F is off work for the next few days.  Tomorrow we’re going out for a nice Christmas dinner, then hopefully sliding into Christmas day.  

Come back on Friday and see what I get up to. Until tomorrow….


Rosa said...

Sounds like you're enjoying your teaching gig. It's a lot more fun when it's not a daily grind, no? Will you continue through the new year?

Christmas is so close, I can't believe it! I'm also not ready for it. Sigh.

Helen said...

Sadly, no. I'm covering for other teachers on holiday. And yes, I have been enjoying it.

I'm not ready for Christmas either. I hope you have a good one though!

Rosa said...

Yes! Merry Christmas to you and F! :D

Helen said...

Thank you!!!