December 29, 2016

Thursday - Gloomy and snowy

A wasted day!

I woke up the first time at 8:30 am to find F still in bed.  I reminded him that he was supposed to take out the garbage, and he did, thankfully!  I went back to sleep and basically woke up again just before 11am.  Sigh.  

I got up, had a shower, had some tea and waited for my husband.  He came home again just before 2pm.  When I say just before, I mean something like a minute before. He came into the apartment and plunked himself down in front of his computer.  Didn’t ask if I’d had lunch or if I was hungry, nothing.  I asked if he’d eaten (no) and if he was hungry (yes), so then we had to decide where to go.  

I suggested the Indian restaurant, and that’s where we went.  We got there around 2:40, but had a quite nice lunch.  I had a chicken curry, F had a paneer curry. When we were deciding what to do after lunch, F suggested going to the Internet Cafe.  It was fine with me, but I said I’d like to pick up my bag of crafts from the apartment which was on the way anyway.  

So, basically, we spent the next 6 hours at the Internet Cafe.  I did a little crochet, read a little and watched much too much of Say Yes to the Dress! Finally, after 9:00pm I asked F if we could leave when the next hour was up.  We paid and left.  

We tried to find a place for dinner, but the first two weren’t open.  We ended up at Gusto again, but the far one.  I had the steak donburi that came with a very black avocado.  I was quite shocked and cut a lot of it off.  

Despite me asking to go to the grocery store near the restaurant, we didn’t.  When we were near home, F asked if I’d like to go to our usual place but I didn’t want to.  I wanted to go to the not usual place of course!

Spent a little bit of time watching TV and then not watching TV.  F has just gone to bed and I’m going off there soon too.  

I have no idea what we’ll get up to tomorrow.  I hope that it is more interesting than sitting in the Internet Cafe for hours.  However, I’d rather do that than fight with my husband so…

Come back later if you like and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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