January 22, 2017

Sunday - Cloudy with some snow.

A quiet day.

I slept in this morning, actually we both did, but F was up before me.  After I got up he made me a cup of tea (yay!) and we had a quick bite to eat.  Then, he wanted to go and have lunch.  He wanted to go to a gyudon shop so I could have a steak donburi, but honestly, I didn’t want a steak donburi.  I said I’d go if he wanted to go to that restaurant, but he said he didn’t really want to!  I suggested going to our favourite sushi place instead, and that’s what we did!

After a small, cheap and quick lunch of sushi and miso soup, we went to S-Mall for some coffee.  That was a nice little break.  After that, I tried to get F interested in doing something.  We had planned to go to the Internet Cafe, but he begged off. He wasn’t feeling up to karaoke, so I said do you want to go home and have a nap?  He said yes.  

We came home and after a few minutes I got very sleepy so went to bed.  F came into the bedroom too and we both fell asleep.  The heater beeping woke me up and I got up a bit later.  F got up later than that, but not by very much. 

We went for dinner to Gusto, after a bit of arguing on his side.  I don’t know why he tells me to pick the restaurant if he doesn’t like what I choose.  We went, and had a fairly decent meal. Of course F complained about his so pretty much SOP. 

We came home via the grocery store.  I have decided to make chicken soup tomorrow, so bought a few things for that, and the day after will probably make a kimchi/pork stir-fry, so bought stuff for that too.  I am hoping it’ll go well.

We came home and vegged for a while.  A bit before 11 I filed away some of my postcards and let F had a look at some of them.  He doesn’t often see them as I tend to put them in the pile on my desk.  

I did some crochet during Downton Abbey and got 2 and a bit squares done, so that was good.  I also really enjoyed myself watching the show.  Maggie Smith is a treasure…she’s the best character I think.  

And that was my day more or less.  I caught a bit of Zoolander 2 tonight, but it wasn’t that funny and I didn’t really get it. I should watch the beginning and see the rest of it, maybe.  

Tomorrow I’ll be busy making soup in the morning and then getting on with some other things in the afternoon I hope.  Come back later and find out what happens!  Until tomorrow….

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