January 25, 2017

Wednesday - Sunny but cool

A good day.

I woke up earlier than usual this morning and got up.  I refilled the kerosene heater and then settled in with some tea and breakfast for my shows.  F popped in for a minute and it was a good thing as he’d forgotten to take his phone to work today!  He didn’t even notice that.  

Around 11:30 I was dressed, made the bed and then went outside and shovelled the snow out of his parking space.  I’d done a good job yesterday so it wasn’t too bad today, but I still moved a lot of snow.  When I finished I went back inside. 

F came home for lunch and made himself some ramen.  He wasn’t sounding good.  His voice sounded really strained.  Oh dear.

After he left I did a few things.  I went through a pile of stuff and threw out a bunch and sorted other bits of it, then I scanned my postcards.  I had a quick and delicious lunch (last of my soup, onion bagel with some cheese on it), then took my cards off to the post office.  I got there and then came back again.  No big deal, but it was nice to get out of the apartment under my own steam.

F came home and sounded terrible.  I hadn’t planned to cook at home tonight, so we went to the local Chinese restaurant where we had a pretty good meal.  F had some ramen with a shrimp omelette dish, I had half a chicken fried and rice and soup.  It was quite good.  F and I swapped a bit of food, some of his omelette for some of my chicken.  

We bought groceries at the store and then came home.  

F moped around most of the evening, trying to decide if he could take the day off work tomorrow.  He seems to think he can’t.  However, I’m worried that if he had the flu, he really shouldn’t be at work.  He’ll have to decide in the morning.  I’m hoping it is just a cold and that I don’t get it. 

I did a little crochet today and even spread out my squares to see how they look.  I like the way they are, but I’m considering putting another row of cream squares on the top and the bottom, not just on the sides.  It will take longer, but will make it look more balanced.  Anyway, here’s the latest picture…
I can either do 5 more cream squares to fill in the bottom or, do those five, or those five
plus 2x9 cream squares to surround the "checkerboard" with white squares. If I have enough yarn. 

Today was also Robert Burns Day, but I sadly didn’t do too much to celebrate. Maybe next year!

Tomorrow I going to hope that F doesn’t have a cold or the flu and work on more of my decluttering.  So much to do, so many books to find and put away.  Argh!  Until tomorrow then….

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