February 12, 2017

Sunday - Cold and windy

An okay day.

I slept in quite late this morning and only got up when F went out in the morning.  I filled up the kerosene tank and then unpinned all the squares I blocked yesterday.  They looked good. Yay me.  

F came back a little later and we went out for lunch.  We ended up going to Jiro, our favourite local restaurant.  I had my old stand-by dish, pork saute with garlic oil. It was great. 

We followed lunch with a trip to the drugstore to pick up some necessaries and then went to Doutor to have coffee in the mall.  

F wasn’t feeling very good today, so he wanted to come home.  We did and he ended up snoozing part of the afternoon on the couch.  I read my fabulous book (The Miniaturist) and played around on my computer a bit.  

We went for dinner to the Chinese Restaurant near the bridge and it was really good.  I am glad that I managed to talk F out of having ramen there because of course it wouldn’t be up to his standards, but the other food was!

We got some groceries and then came home.  I am going to try and make some carrot soup tomorrow. I am hoping that it will turn out okay!

We had a quiet evening at home.  F watched stuff on his computer and then I joined him on the couch for Downton Abbey and some crochet.  I have three more squares to go and then I am done.  Yay. Of course I still have a few to block and then I have to finish sewing this thing and then I have to edge it. But mostly done now.  I hope!

And that is it for today.  Come back later and see what my Monday is like and if the soup turns out! Until tomorrow….

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