February 13, 2017

Monday - Cold and I don’t know!

A good day.

I got up this morning when F was leaving for work and said a sleepy hello to him. I went back to sleep then.  I got up around 9 this morning and around 9:30 took out the loaf of bread that F had put in for me last night.  I wanted it for our dinner.

I had my usual morning of tea and cereal for breakfast and a little snooze. I roused myself a bit later and made the bed and then took a needed shower! F came home a few minutes later and had his lunch.

Once he left in the afternoon I packed up some of my books.  They were quite dusty so I wiped them down, but tried to sort them into different categories.  I only put a few of them into a box.

In the afternoon I did a little bit of TV watching from when I was away and then I had an early lunch.  I checked over my recipe to check that I had the ingredients. I did, mostly.

Around 5 pm I started making Simple Carrot Soup from 101 Cookbooks.  It was remarkably easy and went quite well.  Unfortunately, I hadn’t heard from F. It took a long time before he called.  I didn’t want to make the soup too early for us, but I did anyway.  We didn’t sit down to eat until almost 8 pm, and then F tried the soup and announced that he couldn’t eat and wasn’t feeling well.  He left the table and I continued eating.  He kept his soup for tomorrow.  

The soup was gorgeous and I loved it.  I am looking forward to having more tomorrow!  F was on the couch not looking too happy, so I did the dishes.  Thankfully there wasn’t that much to do as I had been doing them while I was cooking.  Yay for me.

In the evening I watched some TV and did a few Postcrossings.  Postcrossing just hit its 40 millionth card tonight.  Wow!  I got 5 in the mail today which was rather surprising.  I prepared a few to go out.  

And that was it for the most part.  Just after midnight I gave F his Valentine’s Day present.  I told him I went really practical this year, and I did.  I gave him two pillowcases!  He recently bought big pillows at Costco and it is hard to find pillow cases that fit.  I found some in Sendai and washed and even ironed one of them today. He seemed pleased.  Hurray for that.

Tomorrow I have to send my postcards and I hope to do a bit more decluttering or packing.  We’ll see how things go.  Until tomorrow….

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