February 14, 2017

Tuesday - Clear and warmish
Valentine’s Day

An okay day.

I got up on time this morning and checked the kerosene tank in the heater. It was nearly empty, so I turned it on and vowed to fill it later.  I had my breakfast and my tea on the couch and then basically snoozed most of the way through White Collar.  When I woke up I made the bed and got dressed.  No big deal.  I also filled up the kerosene tank.

I half expected F to come home around 12, but he didn’t.  I scanned some cards, which took a while as I had a lot to do, both incoming and outgoing.  F did show up after 1 pm though.  He called first and asked me to turn on some water for him for his ramen.  Bleck.  I did though. He left soon after.  

I finished up my cards and then ran them off to the post office.  I had also written a short thank you letter so I had to mail that too.  I came back to the apartment as soon as I was done.  

I got started on dinner after I had a very late lunch and prepared some vegetables for our dinner.  I let the chicken sit in the fridge with its coating on it.  I waited, and waited, and waited.  F called around 7 to say he was still working and then again at 8 to say he was on his way home.  He’d been waiting at an office for co-workers to drive them back to the office, but they’d left already.  I was quite upset on his behalf to hear that.  What a thing to do to someone.

When he said he was coming home, I started cooking and heating things.  We had roasted chicken in the toaster oven, carrot soup, roasted cauliflower and roasted beets and salad.  It turned out rather well, but again F wasn’t too interested in food.  Sigh.  He did eat more tonight than he did last night.

We had a fairly quiet evening.  F put on a movie and I think he watched it. I watched bits and pieces of it, I wasn’t in the mood.  I sat on the couch and did a couple of squares during the Criminal Minds off-shoot.  I didn’t like it.  For one thing, when people speak non-English languages, they subtitle in Japanese only…boo!  and it seemed a little too much America the Superior to Everyone Else kind of thing.  I don’t know if I’ll add it into my must watch TV schedule or not. 

While F was doing the dishes after dinner, I finished my book.  I bought The Miniaturist when I was in Sendai, started it on the bus home and finished it tonight.  It has been a while since I have finished reading a book that quickly!  I really enjoyed it and felt a little discombobulated when I finished it.  I felt out of place in my living room in front of my computer!

And really, that’s about it for me.  It was an okay day here. I got out of the apartment at least.  

Poor F didn’t give me a Valentine’s Day present though. I think he was too tired after work to think about it.  Oh dear.  

Tomorrow I don’t have too much planned for myself.  Hopefully I’ll get up to something useful!  Until tomorrow….

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