February 16, 2017

Thursday - Clear and sunny, warm

An okay, yet odd day!

I woke up this morning around 7:30 or so and of course made my usual washroom run.  On the way there I noticed that F had left for work and hadn’t taken out the garbage. Oh no.  I got half dressed, grabbed my wallet (for ID) and then took it out myself.  I dumped it off and then went to look at vending machines.  I decided to get myself a canned coffee, which then became two cans of coffee so I could compare them.  After that, I saw another kind I was interested in, so I got it too.  I came back to the apartment and for some reason proceeded to drink 3 cans of hot sweetened coffee in a row.  I was originally planning to go back to bed, but became so wired that I could barely sit still.  It was rather horrible! I stayed up.

I had a quiet morning and then made the bed, today took a shower too.  After that, I blocked my remaining squares and then had lunch.  I had it a little early today and finished up my yummy soup.  That was really nice stuff.  

In the afternoon I did some laundry and a small bit of tidying up, then started dinner prep.  During the day I had done a bit, so it didn’t take all that long.  F called around 7 to say he was on his way.

I cooked dinner but it was rather anti-climactic.  He barely ate anything.  So much for my lovely tacos.  He had one with a teeny amount of meat, cheese and fake sour cream in it, then left the table.  I had a couple and they were great I thought.  

I did the dishes which in all honesty was kind of crap because F should have done it, but of course didn’t.  

I went over to the couch for the Bones double shot tonight.  It was the last two episodes of the 11th season. And, now it’s finished on this channel.  I hope they’ll bring the rest eventually.  I sewed quite a few squares together and then did a bit of knitting.  Since my pattern is getting a bit off on my cowl, I decided to do a couple of stocking stitch rows and then try it again!  It’s my cowl, I can do what I want with it!

And that’s about it.  Tonight when he went to bed F was trying to interrogate me about when I would come to bed.  I thought that was rather rich from him.  I told him I’d come when I was finished!  

OH, one nice thing that happened today was that I got a box of books and cds from a friend.  I had no idea that they were coming my way so it was a big surprise!

Tomorrow I’m having lunch with a friend and then I’m not sure what I’ll get up to.  Come back later and find out how Friday went.  Until tomorrow….


Anonymous said...

Yesterday,I "overdosed" on coffee myself! I enjoyed reading your blog and definitely will be back (also curious about how your knitting turns out!).

Helen said...

Thanks Marta, and welcome!

I'm very curious about how my knitting will turn out too!

I don't drink a lot of coffee so it was dumb to start the day that way, but I'm okay today. I don't know if it was the coffee or the sugar in it, or even the combo of both, but I won't do that again quickly.

Thank you for commenting!