February 19, 2017

Sunday - Sunny, with bits of snow

A good day.

I got up early this afternoon, but I still managed to get up before my husband!  He went to bed before me, but stayed in bed instead up getting up.  I didn’t mind.  I put on the kettle and made us some tea. He got up for that.  Then, we discussed the lunch thing and decided to go to the Grand El Sun since their lunch goes until 2:30.  

We had a nice if slightly petite lunch there…local pork in a tomato sauce with breadcrumbs. It was very nice. After lunch F took me to the mall and dropped me off. He went to have his hair cut, and I went looking around.  

I bought a few practical things in the hundred yen shop, including some cleaning supplies and some coffee filters, then bought us a couple of drinks at Doutor after that.

F dropped me off at home and went over to his mother’s house to check on her.  I got out a box and taped it up, then put a few things in it.  F came back while I was doing that.   We both spent a few minutes boxing things up and throwing things out.  I have to ask him how to dispose of some things because I have no idea!  

Finally we went out for dinner again to the Indian Restaurant.  It was really good tonight.  We had a higher priced set than usual so we could pick our own naan.  I had garlic, F had butter.  Mine was, as usual, better!  Poor F ate about half of his and then stopped.  He really is having a problem with food these days.  Still, he ate some of it so that is a good thing.

We came back home and watched Room on WOWOW.  I had seen by myself it last year when it came to the cinema.  I had told F for weeks that I was dying to see it when we saw the previews, explained that it was by an author who lives in Canada and how the book had moved me, and then he threw a mood when it was in town and refused to go.  So, I went by myself, loved the film and even put it at about number 3 on my yearly top ten list.  Anyway, he did watch it with me and he loved it too.  Hurray for that.  I did quite a bit of sewing on my blanket tonight too.  I have joined about 5 rows of it now.  I still have to finished some of that, but it is well underway now. Whew.

I watched Downton Abbey, made us some tea as well and then F went off to bed. I should really get myself there too soon.  

So, even though there is a ton of work to be done, at least some of it has been started.  Tomorrow we’re going to try and take some of our useless junk to the town dump, if F finishes his business thing early enough.  

If you are interested, come back later and find out about my Monday.  Until tomorrow….

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