February 26, 2017

Sunday - Clear with a bit of rain later on

A good and busy day!

I was surprised this morning that F didn’t go over to his mother’s house.  He had said that he would the night before, but didn’t.  In fact, when I was thinking about getting up, he went back to bed.  I did get up a few minutes later.

We went out for lunch today, and I suggested Hyakken Bori, the restaurant on the lake.  It was good. I had teriyaki chicken, and F had a noodle dish.  His tooth was bothering him again, so it was a good thing I guess.  

After lunch, we talked about what to do and ended up at the Chido Museum.  Their display today was about maps of the area and it was quite fascinating.  F told me that the maps basically said it took 12 to travel from Tokyo to Tsuruoka.  Nowadays we can do it in an hour by air, or 4 by train, so a bit different.  

We talked about having coffee, but then I had another idea.  I suggested that F go and visit his mother, invite her out for dinner tonight and and let her know that we need to drop off some boxes too.  So, that is basically what we did.  I sent over some of my boxes of books and dvds.  We took them up to our rooms upstairs and then bundled F’s mum into the car and went for sushi!  It was quite a nice meal. F ate quite a bit, which I was glad about, his mother did well too.  I only had a few plates of sushi, but that was fine really.

We asked if she needed shopping, but she didn’t really.  We dropped his mum back at home and made sure she was safely inside, then we left.  

I suggested going to the mall for a cuppa of something.  When we got there, the new Tokyu Hands “Truck Market” was open, so we snooped a little.  I checked out the hundred yen shop too and bought a couple of things, then we came downstairs again and went to Doutors.  F had Royal Milk Tea and I had a soy latte which was really nice.

We got a couple of things in the grocery store and then came home.  Spotlight was on at 9:00 pm, so we watched that and I did some squares sewing too.  I got quite a few done tonight too.  

And that was about it.  We ended up watching Mad Max: Fury Road when it was on, it isn’t really a restful before bed movie…I love it but it is wake you up kind of thing!

So, tomorrow is the Oscars and I shall be Facebooking with my friends.  I am woefully behind though, I’ve only seen one of the best picture films and only two of the best actress performances.  I’m looking forward to it, I hope it goes well.

Come back later on and see how Monday goes!  Until tomorrow….

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