March 13, 2017

Monday - Clear and sunny

An odd day.

I got up late this morning, had tea and dragged myself around for most of the day.  I think I was just tired from the weekend.  

During the day I went through some of the clothing drawers that I uncovered on the weekend. I tried on clothes, put some in for washing and also washed it, and did a few little things.  

I had an early for me lunch and then started dinner prep rather early.  I even cleaned a few things out of the fridge, leaving F’s ramen soup packets alone.  

When F came home I kicked dinner prep up a notch.  Tonight we had bacon from Costco, roasted cauliflower, quinoa (me) and rice(F), salad and a few other things.  It was quite good.  F did the dishes and then vegged on the couch.  

I wanted some tea so I offered him some too. He didn’t want any.  I tried talking to him while I was walking back to my corner and he threw a bit of a tantrum.  Apparently I was in his way and he couldn’t get to the sink to take his medicine.  He really was quite rude about it.  I told him he only had to ask me to move.  I think he thinks I read minds.  Nope.

So, for the rest of the night it wasn’t nice here.  I did get to watch X-Files but after that, I asked if he wanted to watch something.  He didn’t, so I requested the TV go off.  He turned it off, but put it back on later to watch some of his crap.  

I took myself off to the tatami room and did a little throwing out.  I just tossed three old coats of mine that I haven’t worn in years.  One was unwearable anyway, the rubbery outer coating had peeled off in places.  I felt a bit better that I got a few things done.

I did a bit of sewing on my blanket too tonight.  I finished another side, and started sewing on the last side panel.  Woot!  

F went to bed early and I am up late.  I am worried about so many things right now.  Will we be able to pack everything up?  F’s thing at the moment seems to be to chuck everything in boxes…but he throws everything in.  I went through one of his boxes on the weekend. He had money, jars of coin, vases, pens, old batteries, all mixed in together.  It was terrible.  I am taking the coins to the post office, and managed to separate things so they made sense.  I did break one of the glasses he had put in the box…don’t know why it was in there in the first place though.

Anyway, tomorrow I’m going to use my slow cooker.  I hope my husband will smarten up and eat what I make!  

Come back tomorrow and see what is going on with this move.  Until tomorrow….


Unknown said...

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koucha1 said...

Your sorting and chucking things out is so impressive. Dinner sounds delish! It makes my mouth water every time. I have never had pulled pork but i always imagine thst it must be delicious when you make it.

Helen said...

Pulled pork is pretty good! I had it at The Hard Rock Cafe once and since I started going to Costco I can get reasonably sized roasts there. I buy a pack of three and freeze them separately. I make it in my slow cooker of course. Do you have a slow cooker? I could give you my recipe! (You can also make pulled chicken with chicken breasts or thighs, by the way.)

I really like my pulled pork...with coleslaw and a bun or tortilla...really nice!

The sorting and chucking should have been started much earlier, but I am starting to enjoy it! I'm quite sentimental so I like to hold on to things for far too long. Instead of keeping everything, I'm trying to cull and think about if I can replace it or if I'll need it soon. I need to try and keep doing this instead of piling things up all the time!

Thanks for visiting :-)