March 2, 2017

Thursday - Sunny and warm

A frustrating, but busy kind of day.  

It all started when I woke up this morning around 7 am.  F was still sleeping, so I decided that I would be the lucky person to take the garbage to the corner.  I got dressed enough to be decent and took two bags to the station.  On the way back, I started sneezing very loudly. 

I came back to the apartment, washed my hands and went back to bed.  

I woke up again when my alarm went off and I made F get up around 9 am.  I got dressed, as did F and I re-made the bed, because F tried to do it and it was terrible!

We had some Starbucks Lattes from the the mix my friend sent and a little while later the Fire Inspection crew came.  It was very different this year.  There was a woman with them and only one man came in the apartment.  They were so quick, I didn’t even notice that they were done!  So totally different from usual.  

After that, I had some breakfast and then took a shower.  All morning since I got up, my nose was streaming.  I took some allergy medicine, but it didn’t work.

F wanted to go out for lunch and he picked the place we go before movies some time.  I wasn’t too pleased, but thought it would be okay.  And it was.  I had a pork miso stir-fry and miso soup. I skipped the rice.  F had saba and cabbage I think.  He liked his a lot.

We came home after lunch, and instead of cleaning or packing like he was supposed to do, F took a long nap on the couch.  I wasn’t too pleased with him. 

I first went into the bedroom and tidied up around my bed. I got a few things off the floor, sorted some stuff, and tossed a bunch of things.  F slept on.  

I next went into the bathroom and cleaned out the area under the sink.  It was mostly my stuff anyway.  I did a lot of sorting and tossing of old stuff, but I also did some finding of things, which was rather nice.  

F woke up around the time I finished, so I asked if I should cook dinner.  He didn’t care, but I was getting hungry, so did.  

Tonight I made Tandori chicken in the toaster oven, steamed broccoli with salad, beets and miso soup.  It was quite simple, but decent really.  As usual, I got no help from F and he took about 10 minutes to come to the table, despite me asking him repeatedly to come to eat.  So annoying.  After dinner I put away the stuff and then left him to do the dishes.  Except of course I had to go back and soak the ones he forgot.

He decided that he was going to go out for something so left.  While he was gone, I went through some of my bags of yarn and crafts and tossed a couple and saved some of the yarn.  I think I could make a magic yarn ball and do a fun scarf or blanket or something.  

When F came back, I realized that I had forgotten to get sweeteners for my coffee today, so he went out again to get some for me.  That was really sweet of him, but he didn’t need to do it.  

At 10, I sat on the couch with some chocolate mint tea.  It really helped my nose for a while.  It was so awful tonight.   Cooking was so difficult… had to keep stopping what I was doing to dab my nose.   Bleck.

I got quite a few squares sewn together…the end is in sight I think.  I am so glad, really.  I am loving the way the blanket looks, but the sewing takes forever.

F went to bed a bit after midnight and I think I might try to get there soon too.  I’m not sure if I’ll be able to sleep or not.  Despite my taking another dose of medicine this evening, it didn’t help.  My eyes are watering, my nose is either plugged or running and I’m miserable.  I think this is an allergy, all the cleaning has stirred up a lot of dust around the apartment, plus I’ve a had a bit of milk that I didn’t plan on. Hmm.  

Around 6 pm tonight, F said, “Oh, I could have taken you to the doctor.” I wasn’t too pleased.  If he’d paid any attention to me during the whole day, he would have seen my situation. Even during lunch he was listening to his iPhone with an earphone in.  It is so annoying.  So, I told him that if I’m still like this on Saturday he will be taking me to the doctor.  

Okay, someone’s grumpy and needs to get some sleep.  Come back later and find out if I feel better on Friday.  Until tomorrow….

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