April 23, 2017

 Sunday - Sunny with a touch of rain

A good day.

I stayed up late last night, almost to my old standards.  I was blogging and then reading Brat Farrar.  It was around 3 before I went to bed. 

This morning when F was up and awake, it was very hard for me to drag myself out of bed. I really didn't want to get up, but it had to be done.  F suggested going for breakfast, so we took his mother and went out to Gusto.  Actually, it was quite nice and we all enjoyed it.  I had scrambled eggs and sausage, they had fish, both cooked and uncooked on rice.  We did a little shopping afterwards and then dropped off K at the house.

F and I went back to the apartment and got busy.  During the day, he took a couple of loads of stuff back to the house and we also got the shed emptied and cleaned. Yay us.  Inside it didn't go quite as well.  

F was being a bit of a pain.  I spent 20-30 minutes clearing off my computer desk and also cleaning it.  I put it near the door for him to take out.  He then spent another 10 minutes trying to clean off the marks that I couldn't.   There was so much else to do…why re-do my work?

After he left with a loaded car, I did some cleaning, tidying and box filling.  He came back with a snack that was a meal for each of us.  Sigh.

He spent a good 10 minutes trying to get the burn mark off the top of the microwave, the one that I'd tried and failed to get off a few days ago after I had packed up the toaster oven that used to live there.  I was a bit exasperated by that, and told him to clean INSIDE the microwave if he really wanted to help, since I hadn't done that.  Honestly, I wanted him to spend his time going through HIS stuff or doing things that I can't do, like bring down the light covers, since they are a bit high for me, even with the step ladder.   I believe I asked him to do that three or four times today, but it didn't get done.  

There is still a huge amount of work to be done.  None of the rooms are completely cleaned out and F still hasn't called the movers to come and take things out for us.  On May 1st, I will not be in the apartment.  I don't even want to move, but I am finishing up on April 30th. I've asked him for blooming weeks to arrange this and he hasn't.  I hope he still can.

We did get quite a lot done today, despite my grousing.  I got my personal furniture out and over to the house.  We have removed quite a bit of the stuff from the apartment.  There are still boxes everywhere and bags of things, but there is a bit more space.  Tomorrow I hope to be able to do more cleaning of walls or windows and also to get a few more boxes out of the apartment, if F is willing after work.

We knocked off around 7 pm tonight and went for dinner.  We went to Coco Ichibanya, the curry place and both had their soup curry with tandoori chicken. It was a bit hotter than I am used to, but it was quite good.  After that, it was back to the apartment where I finished Brat Farrar.  Man, I love that book.  I'm not quite sure what it is about it, but I still enjoy reading the novel even though I've read it at least 10 times.

And that was my day.  I am glad that we got a lot of things done….but now we are coming down to the wire and things must get done.  Fingers crossed that they do get done!  Come back soon and find out about my day on Monday.  Until tomorrow….


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