April 25, 2017

 Tuesday - Sunny

A busy day.

Neither F nor I wanted to get up this morning, we were very tired.  I've been going to bed much earlier than usual, since I'm getting up so early these days.  Last night I was early to bed, and early to rise as well.  Boo!

I went over to the apartment with F.  He dropped me off and I took out the garbage, then went back in.  After a little bit of vegging to catch up on the news, I got busy.  I worked a bit on clearing off the table and then after breakfast, I took down the bedroom curtains and slung them in the washing machine.  After that, I cleaned windows for most of the day.  

The windows in the bedroom weren't terrible. I had cleaned them a couple of years ago, so weren't in as bad shape as some parts of the apartment, but getting the tracks in the bottom of the window clean was a challenge. I persevered and got it done.

I then began the whole thing over again with the living room windows.  These ones were quite bad since they hadn't been done in years.  I even went out and did the windows outside on the balcony.  F got home just as I was finishing up.  The windows aren't perfect, but they look quite good I think.  I did the walls around them too for good measure.  Yay me.

F was really tired when he came home, but did a little bit of cleaning too.  That was nice of him.  I tried to get him to make us tea, but he didn't.  We rehung the curtains, but didn't put up the lace curtains this time.  

Dinner tonight was courtesy of Fireball and it was good.  We had a couple of kinds of pasta, bacon and gorgonzola was mine, F chose pork and mushroom with Japanese style sauce.  They were both very delicious.

We called F's mother, but she said she had food, so we just came back to the house.  She was in bed when we arrived, so F and I just came upstairs.  F is so tired, he's snoozing away. I am falling asleep over my computer, although I did manage to read a little of 1984 first.  I've never read it before.

Tomorrow I'm going to the apartment again, but am also meeting a friend for lunch.  I hope to do a little shopping with her and then I hope to send her on her way. 

Well, sad to say, that's it for tonight.  I am falling asleep over my keyboard, so I will wish you adieu.  Until tomorrow….


Rosa said...

1984 was one of my favorite book in high school, but I haven't read it in years. I remember so many details from it, though, like Winston Smith's girlfriend's job, which always fascinated me. I'll be interested to see how you like it!

Helen said...

I think I got 3 chapters in last night. I have always wanted to read it but never got around to it. Interesting so far.

Helen said...

Dear SC,

Thank you for the idea. I will suggest it to F.

Glad you visited today :-)