April 10, 2017

Moving Tales

Monday - Sunny and warm

An okay day.

Had a good night and got up this morning without any problem.  I got dressed and left with F for the apartment.  We unloaded the car before we left, we had filled it with lots of garbage that we had to take to the corner this morning.

After a brief stop for coffee, F dropped me off at the apartment and he was on his way.  I turned on the heater and the TV to watch the news and started my day.  

I watched ER, had breakfast and also went through one of F’s little boxes.  He’d filled it with crap over the years so I tossed the unimportant stuff and then cleaned the box for good measure.  I did a few loads of laundry and also dealt with the already clean stuff too.  I wasn’t hugely busy, but it was time consuming. 

F came home for lunch and cheered me on a bit.  I didn’t need anything from him for my lunch, which was a nice thing.  

In the afternoon, I ate my lunch and watched a couple of episodes of Agents of Shield.  I really like that show! Then, I got busy.  I went into the closet in the bedroom and cleaned it out.  I basically washed the whole thing.  It was very tall, so I had to use a ladder for the top of it, but I think I did a good job.  I washed the walls and the floor, the shelf and the doors.  It took a bit of time, but looked very good afterwards.  

By then, it was nearly time for F to finish work, so I took a shower.  When I finished, he came by a few minutes later.  We had coffee and he called his mother to see if she’d like something for dinner.  She asked for a bento, so I suggested getting some bentos for all of us.  F liked that idea, so that’s what we did.  

We drove to the grocery store and bought some bento, drinks and snacks and then came back to the house and had dinner with F’s mother.  It was quite nice.  His mother had tonkatsu, F had a pork bento and I had some chicken salad which I shared with everyone and a some spring rolls and tortilla wraps.  We all had some chicken too.  

I tried to set up my computer again, but didn’t have any luck again.  F keeps saying he’s going to call and ask for help, but unfortunately, that’s all that he does.  If he actually did it I would be so much happier.  

We came upstairs after I gave up and had a quiet evening.  I read a bit on my phone and F took a shower…he’s snoozing away now.  It was a good day, apart from not getting my computer set up.  Sigh. I have no idea what I’m doing this time.  It seemed simpler before.

Tomorrow I am off to the apartment again.  I’m not exactly sure what I’ll do there, but I hope to seal and bring back a few more boxes!  Wish me luck with that eh!  Come back and see what I get up to tomorrow…later!

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