May 26, 2017

Friday - Muggy and humid, rainy

A good day.

This morning F drove us to the convenience store on the way to the apartment.  He nearly forgot and if I hadn’t said something, would have missed it altogether.  He let me out near the apartment so I walked down the driveway and then grabbed the garbage bag and took it to the gomi station.  

I had a good day at the apartment. I did a little bit of knitting in the morning, but also did quite a bit of work.  I did more straightening up of things, wiped out a cupboard in the kitchen and also cleaned the microwave.  I did a little laundry too, probably the last load with my washing machine.  

F came home around 5:30 and was tired and had a sore back.  I felt bad for him really.  I gave him some coffee and also a couple of chocomint cookies.  Yum.

He suggested going for sushi, so we went to Kappa Sushi and had a nice meal.  Neither of us went completely crazy today, so that was good.  I asked that we go to McDonald after our meal so that we could update our phones.  We still don’t have wifi in our house, and yesterday the wifi in the restaurant wasn’t very good at all.  It kept cutting out and I got stuck halfway through some downloads.

After picking up a bento for K, we came back to the house in the torrential rain.  It was and still is, bad outside.  

F went to sleep quite early, but I didn’t of course.  I stayed up much too late and blogged and messaged a friend about her crochet project. That’s about it.  

Tomorrow, F and I have an appointment in the morning, then we will probably work on the apartment for most of the day.  Either that, or we’ll work on the house and where we want to put things when the movers bring them over.  Wish us both luck with that!  Until tomorrow…. 

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