May 28, 2017

Sunday - Sunny and overcast

A busy day.

I’m tired so this might be short, hope it makes sense. We slept in a bit this morning so when we were going to leave for the apartment, K decided she wanted to go for lunch with us.  I was nice on the outside, but inside I groaned a bit.  We really didn’t have time.

F took us to a Slow Food Restaurant that I like, so the food was good, but slow.  We had fish and meat, the fish wasn’t great in my opinion, the meat wasn’t either.  The veggies were nice though.

After lunch, K wanted to go grocery shopping, so F took her.  We walked around the store with her.  Sigh. We finally dropped her off at the house with her shopping, got to the apartment AND….F announced that he was feeling dizzy and unwell. I made him go and take a nap on the bed.  I needed him in good condition.

While he was sleeping, I cleared off the kitchen table for tomorrow, then cleared off the fridge.  I followed that with cleaning the garbage can thoroughly.  A very yucky job.  Then, I spent some time taking staples out of the leather that F pulled off our couch, so the pieces could be burnt.  F finally got up round about then.  

I suggested that he box up the TV, so he did that, plus the DVRs and then the microwave. He wasn’t feeling great and was still very slow.  

I had asked the whole weekend that we go to S-Mall as they were having a Costco Fair there. I thought we might be able to pick up a few things without going to Yamagata.  We got to the mall at 6:55 and the Costco Fair was already closed. I was quite annoyed.  After F got up today, I kept trying to hurry him, but he just wouldn’t.  In fact it was like he was trying to be slow. I know he wasn’t feeling well, but this crap has gone on so long.  The movers are coming tomorrow and we are just not ready for them.  

We had a drink in Doutor, bought a few things at the store, and then went to our usual grocery store to get F’s mother something to eat.  We dropped it off and then got us something to eat.

I had asked for yakiniku so F took me to a place we went years ago when we were first married.  I hated it then as the owner spent my whole meal staring at me.  It really put me off.  She wasn’t there tonight, but the staff were really young and quite bad.  The food was good, but F did his usual thing of ordering stuff I don’t like and then placing it on my side of the burner.  I very gently gave it back to him.  I told him before he ordered it that I didn’t want it.  I made a point for the rest of the meal of asking him if he wanted something before I put it on the grill!  

After our meal, we stopped by our apartment again (after F tried to take us back to the house) to pick up some garbage and the things he’d boxed up for us.  We left them in the car tonight because we didn’t want to wake up F’s mother when we brought them in.  

Tomorrow we have to unload the car, bring the TV and DVRs up here, arrange our bedroom so that we can put our bed from the apartment in, then go over to the apartment and wait for the movers.  We’ll have to eat and maybe shower sometime in there too.  

I hope things go well tomorrow and we don’t spend the day arguing.  I hope!   

Come back later and see what happens with the move…unless I’m too  tired, then I’ll skip until Tuesday.  Until tomorrow….

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