June 15, 2017

Thursday - Sunny and warm, rainy at night

A good day.

This morning after I got dressed for leaving the house, I packed my computer into my backpack and also put a pair of jeans and a nice shirt in there too.  

At the apartment I finished drinking my iced coffee from the convenience store and then scooted off on my bike to have breakfast at McDonald.   That done, and my apps updated, I headed off to the grocery store and picked up a few things.  

After that, I came back to the apartment, took a quick shower and then made a start on my Journal Column.  

My friend came to meet me around 11:30 and I invited her in to see the apartment.  We also had a coffee and the grand tour!  F came home while we were sipping our hot beverage, so we left him to it and went for lunch.  She had brought her baby of course, so we needed a family friendly place.  We decided to go to Cocos and it was a good choice.  

We had a nice meal with good drinks and even splurged on desserts so really enjoyed ourselves.  I was able to help her with a few things when she had the baby in her arms, which was nice for both of us.  

Our time together was soon up, so she drove me back to the apartment and went on her way home.  I went in, and tried to work on my column again.  I was overtaken with tiredness for a bit, so I took a nap.  I set a timer and woke up a little later.  

When F came by the apartment after work, he wanted to go out.  We decided to go to Doutors in the mall for coffee and wifi.  I had decaf iced coffee, F had regular and we both made use of the wifi!  When we finished, we bought a couple of things in the hundred yen shop, then went to the grocery store for a bento for K.

As we drove to the Chinese Restaurant near our apartment, I suggested a couple of things to F for tomorrow.  I said we could order in some Sushi for dinner and he should also order a taxi for himself.  He’s going to the health clinic for a procedure tomorrow, so will be off work.  At first he didn’t like my ideas, but after dinner, came around to my way of thinking!

Dinner wasn’t a great success however.  F wanted shrimp in chilli sauce, a dish I have never liked much.  He whined about ramen too, but I said it would be okay if we had some fried rice.  We also had the half chicken that we both like.  Well, I had one shrimp…or half of one.  I bit into it, but the shrimp still had the shell on it.  Yuck.  I hate that change in texture.  Then, the chilli sauce sploged off my chopsticks and onto one of my favourite shirts.  It got on the table too and took a while to clean up.  That was all the chilli-shrimp that I could handle.  I did eat quite a bit of the chicken and the rice though.  F got a bit quiet during the meal and it took a bit of jollying him before he cheered up.  

On the way to his house, we stopped at the sushi delivery place and made an order for tomorrow and also stopped at a taxi company and booked a cab for him.  Yay me!  Two things we don’t have to worry about tomorrow.  

We came back to the house and K was in a bit of a mood.  The TV antenna seems to be off, so she wasn’t able to watch shows she liked. F and her had words, but I just came upstairs. We popped out a few minutes later to pick up some beer for F and a drink for me.  

We came back again to the house and came upstairs.  I did a load of laundry but my shirt didn’t come clean yet.  I hung it up, put the other stuff away and then watched a bit of TV.  

It’s been a quiet evening really except F isn’t sleeping.  He was almost there and then got up.  I think the bad weather isn’t helping him at all. 

Tomorrow is going to be a different type of day.  We have dinner sorted, but will have to have a brunch type of meal together.  Come back later and see how it goes.  Until tomorrow…. 

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