June 22, 2017

Thursday - Cloudy, coolish, but muggy

A busy day!

I woke up when F got up so I could say goodbye, then I tried to snooze for a while.  I was a tad worried that K would come looking for me, so even though I tried to snooze longer, I really didn’t manage much.  Finally I got up and dressed around 8 am as I watched the news on TV.  I went down and had breakfast around 9 am.

After my break, I did some laundry and hung it up in the garage on the second floor.  I was coming in when I heard a vehicle come into the parking space. I thought it was my husband, but it was his niece and her baby.  I invited her into the house and let K know she was there.  I hightailed it upstairs for a while, but did come down near the end of her visit to be friendly.

And what was I doing?  Moving boxes, tidying up and doing all manner of things in our rooms upstairs.  I did most of it in the part that I’m using as my computer room, but did a bit in the bedroom area too.  I packed a few things away, tossed two bags of garbage and also found a missing earring that I feared I would never see again.  Unfortunately it is for pierced ears and mine have grown over so I likely won’t ever wear it!  There’s a lot more to do of course, but the good thing is that I am writing this from F’s old desk while F sleeps in the other room. I can sit in here, write and watch TV quietly and not feel guilty for keeping him up.  

I took a break around 12:30 for lunch.  I was having a big salad with sliced chicken on it, I wasn’t sure about K.  I asked if she’d like something and gave her a smaller bowl with some.  We ate in the living room and she seemed to like it.  I did the dishes afterwards and went back to work.

I came upstairs and brought the vacuum and got up a lot of the old dust.  The best thing would have been if we’d been able to do that before we moved in, but F didn’t think of it before he started to take boxes over.  Still, it looks much better in places now.  I still have too many clothes and there are many stacks of “things”, but I can use the desk and the floor looks cleaner and easier to walk around in.  

F came home around 5:30 I think.  He was tired but he suggested a place for dinner and it was okay.  We went to MokuMoku, thinking it had wifi, but it didn’t.  Still, we had a good meal.  I tried a tomato based pasta, hope it wasn’t a big mistake, and F had the one that I usually have with salmon and shrimp.  We both enjoyed them.

We went to McDonald for coffee and wifi, only to find out that their wifi was very spotty.  I had more luck with the wifi in the washroom than I did outside of it.  

We went to MaxValu and picked up a few things for K’s dinner and for my lunch tomorrow.  I got enough to share with K if she wants some of it.  We came back to the house and I actually took my shower before F since he was listening to a podcast and I wanted to be done before 11pm.  

And that was my day!  I was surprisingly busy, but it felt rather good to get so much stuff done.  I know we have a lot to do up here, but a start has been made, and that was good.  

Tomorrow I really need to get working on my Journal column. I have a few ideas for it, but I need to get them down on paper/screen!  Come back later and see what my Friday is like.  Until tomorrow…..


Kentucky Lady said...

Doesn't it feel great to see progress with unpacking and getting settled.
Sounds like you accomplished alot! Nice that you have different room upstairs
so you can have a "den." Wishing you the best.

Helen said...

It does! Thanks so much for commenting!

Orchid64 said...

Once you've got your rooms set up, I would love to see pictures... but I know that may be too personal. Maybe you could share photos on FB if not on your blog? I love to see how people make the most of their small spaces.

Also, I wondered if you had a private bath/water closet or if you have to share with K. If you had a private one with a sink, you might be able to use an Aeropress and a hotpot to make your own coffee as you want or to at least make tea throughout the day. Some sort of small autonomy would probably help you out!

Helen said...

Hi Orchid! I doubt there will be pictures as I don't think our rooms will stay tidy very long. I am really not much for tidying up and F doesn't bother at all.

I do have a water pot that I can use to make cups of tea or coffee, so I might start using it. I have been thinking about doing that myself. I am getting a bit dehydrated these days and with summer about to happen I can't afford to let that continue.

We have to share the toilet and bathroom with K unfortunately. It's a very "Japanese" house sad to say, but she's very tidy and has kept everything in good condition.

Thanks for visiting!