July 11, 2017

Tuesday - Hot and Sunny

A good day.

I had a normal morning basically.  I watched the British and US news, went down and had breakfast and iced coffee with K and then came back upstairs to do some of my stuff.  

I wrote 4 postcards today for postcrossing and also got them ready to go out.  I blogged the ones I received recently too, setting up my blog so they would space themselves out on the next few days.  

I offered K lunch, but she didn’t want it.  I put mine together. It was just salad and chicken, but I liked it a lot.  I offered K more iced coffee which she took.

After lunch I did my dishes and then got busy in the kitchen. I had decided to make bread pudding in my slow cooker.  I didn’t have any of my cooking stuff around like measuring spoons and cups, decent sized bowls or non-metal spoons so it was a bit of guesswork putting things together.  I made the custardy eggy bit in two batches…I managed to spill a lot of the first batch all over the table and floor.  Sigh.  I had a bit of fun cleaning it all up, but I got it done.

Around 2 pm the pudding was baking away in my slow cooker, so I went back upstairs. It was hot in the bedroom, hot everywhere actually.  I changed all of my clothes as they were very sweaty.Bleck.  I re-watched Sex and the City the movie and it was okay. The whole storyline bugs me, but not as much as it does in number two.  

F called around 5 to say he’d be late and then I checked the pudding. Looked good, but needed more cooking time.  

When F came home around 6:30 he brought some ice cream for our pudding.  We all had a piece with some ice cream, and it was quite nice.  It got good reviews. I did the dishes and also washed and put away my slow cooker, then got dressed to go out.

F had asked for a restaurant I don’t like much, so I said okay, but when he looked it up, he found it would close soon.  Instead, I suggested going to Bikkuri Donkey!!! and F went along with me.  

We had a nice meal, I had my usual, but shared some french fries with F.  

After dinner we got some things at the grocery store then came back to F’s house.  We gave K her food, put away the rest and then came upstairs.  

And that’s really about it for my day.  I did a little crochet in the afternoon, but not as much as I’d like. Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be a little cooler, but it may be more humid. Oh joy.  

Come back later and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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