July 12, 2017

Wednesday - Hot and sunny, slightly cooler

A good day.

I got up this morning, but was tired. I had slept quite well for a change, but didn’t want to drag myself out of bed.  When I went downstairs to see about breakfast, I saw K in the bathroom.  She was soaking some plants in the bathroom sink.  There was a crash and so I came to see if I could help.  She asked me to fill up a vase with water, so I went into the bathroom do it at the shower faucet.  I very carefully made sure that the water was going to come down from the tap, rather than down from the shower head.  When the vase was nearly full, I turned off the water, went slightly past the “off” mark and got a very refreshing and cold shower!  I yelped and K came in to see what was the matter.  I was standing there with my hair soaking wet and my shirt dripping! I started to laugh, because what else could I do? K laughed too and gave me a towel.  I handed over the filled vase and went back upstairs to change!!

When I came back down, I saw to our breakfasts.  We both had cereal, although I gave K some milk with hers. It was nice.

After we ate, I did a little sorting out of things in the kitchen.  I cleaned the drain strainer today as it was plugged and also put a proper bag in the corner gomi box in the sink.  The ones I have let water out, K’s just kept all the water in there, which is sort of yucky. 

I came back upstairs, watched a bit of TV and also did some crochet.  

I went down again for lunch and made us both salad bowls today.  We had salad with some chicken and tuna, and some tofu on the side.  However, K gave a lot of her food back to me. That was fine.  

After lunch and the dishes I went back upstairs again and spent time on my computer and also doing more crochet.  I fell behind the last two super hot days as I couldn’t crochet due to the heat.  I’m not completely caught up, but I’m closer.  

F came home and after a few minutes we decided to go out and buy shoes.  We got a shopping list from F’s mother and then headed out.  We went to the Shoe Bahn first but when we were there, F suggested going to a better place.  We did and each ended up getting a new pair of footwear.  I got a new pair of sandals. I’ve been wearing the same pair of shoes every day for months and it is too darn hot right now for them. I’m hoping I can wear these for the next few days and break them in. 

We had dinner at Cocos after our buying trip.  It was F’s suggestion, which surprised me as he doesn’t usually want to go there.  I had a new to me dish, vegetable coconut curry. It wasn’t vegetarian as there was chicken, but it was good.  F had a Japanese rice dish with egg and liked that.  

We hit up the grocery store and got the things on our list, then came back to the house.  We gave K her food and then came upstairs.  F took his shower and then I did.  He’s snoozing a bit now and I’m debating having an earlyish night.  It might be a good idea.  

Come back later and see what I get up to on Thursday.  Until tomorrow….


Marta said...

I have a "technical" question: what is a gomi box? :)
Hope you can catch up with your crochet work!

Helen said...

Hi Marta, thanks for asking! I forget that not everyone has "Japan" experience. Gomi is "Garbage", so gomi box is a garbage box or bin. Depending on how it is used, it could also mean the garbage station where we have to take our garbage out for pickup. They are quite strict about when we can take it all out.

I hope that helps, and I am glad you commented today :-)