July 4, 2017

Tuesday - Rainy

An okay day.

I had a fairly normal morning today. I got up and then took a nap since I was still very tired.  When I went downstairs after 9:30, K looked asleep, so I didn’t make breakfast for her.  I put some cereal in a bowl so she could have it if she wanted to, but left it covered on the table.  I took my bowl of cereal upstairs for a while.  

We had a visitor today at the house, K’s brother came for a while.  I let them have their visit together, then I went down on my way to the garage to get our dry laundry.  I did pop my head in to say hello and that F was on his way back for lunch. 

F arrived after his uncle left and changed his clothes. He’d been working outside and they were soaked.  I made him a quick sandwich before I made lunch for K and I.  

F left and K and I had a ham and cheese  sandwich and some salad.  I did the dishes afterwards.  I came upstairs and relaxed for a while.  F phoned me before 2:30 to say that he was taking time off work to go to the doctor and he would be at the house soon.  I was on line at the time, trying to book a domestic Japan flight.  That took a bit of time, but I managed eventually once F came home. I also managed to get my hotel booked in Haneda when I return.  It better be a nice room, it is quite expensive to stay there!

F went to his doctor and I went with him.  I sat in the lobby and crocheted so it was actually rather nice!  The whole process of F being there took an hour or so.  

After he was done, I suggested going to the mall to have coffee and then hitting up the hundred yen shop to find a box.  We did that, and it was nice.  The coffee was.  The hundred yen shop did have boxes so I got a couple and then we visited the food floor for things for K’s dinner.  Somewhere along the way, F decided we should have dinner at the house with K, so we got more stuff.  I wasn’t impressed with the offerings for me, so I requested that we go to another store, which we did.  I got a few more things, then we came back to the house and put dinner together.  

It wasn’t the best dinner ever.  I was running around trying to make sure we had drinks and cutlery and such, F was trying to help but wasn’t really. Sigh. Both K and F finished their meal long before I did, didn’t make me happy at all. Sigh.

F and I went upstairs after doing the dishes and in a bit decided to go out to the convenience store. It was a quick go and then come straight back.  We had our drinks and watched a little TV. I did some more crochet, which I enjoyed.

I took a shower before 11 and then watched my shows.  F basically fell asleep on the bed, and that’s about it.  

Tomorrow I am off to help a friend with her crochet, so I’ll be leaving in the morning with F.  I’m actually really looking forward to not being here for a while!

Come back in a bit and I’ll fill you in on all the details of my Wednesday.  Until tomorrow….

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