July 6, 2017

Thursday - Muggy, then cooler and sunny

A good day!

F left for work this morning and I slept on for a few minutes.  I got up and watched the news though.  I got a call from F asking me to go and take out the burnable garbage because he had forgotten to do it this morning.  I dressed quickly and did that for him.

When I went back down later for breakfast, K was sleeping. I didn’t wake her, but later when I took my dish back to wash I offered her breakfast but she waved me off.  

I did some laundry, hung some in my room and some in the garage.  I sewed a pair of F’s ripped pants and watched some TV too.  

I went downstairs a bit after 12 to make lunch. I was in the process when F’s sister popped by, bearing lots of food!  Wow!  I was planning to make a bigger lunch, but there wasn’t any need, so I finished the sandwich I made for us, put a little lettuce on the plate, and then took it all into the living room. There was a lot of food on the table, so K and I had a real feast.  I put most of it back in the fridge for later.  

In the afternoon, I spent time on my computer, wrote up two Postcrossing cards and dithered about taking them to the post office to mail.  The weather was dithering too.  I’d decide to go and then it got cloudy…I’d change my mind and the sun would come out.  I decided to stay and I did some crochet, finishing up another stripe. Yay me. 
The blanket so far....
F came back tonight almost on time. He brought us some drinks.  We decided to have a “clean out the fridge” meal but K wanted a few things from the store, and to be honest, so did I.  I didn’t really want some of the food his sister brought. I’m not a fan of liver and one of the dishes was deep fried and a bit greasy.  

F and I went to MaxValu and I picked up some chicken tsukune, spring rolls and some cucumber pickles.  We got drinks too and came back.  Then, F and I got the table set and we ate.  We didn’t eat everything, but we did eat a lot of it!  The pickles were very popular, as was the chicken and spring rolls.  I was glad about that, as they were my choices.  

K did the dishes despite me not wanting her to.  It was nice of her, but then, when it came to cleaning the used plastic containers, she just wanted to toss them.  Many of them could be recycled and so they needed to be clean.  Besides, who wants to keep dirty plastic hanging around their kitchen? 

F and I decided to start using our old garbage can from our apartment.  It’s a two tier container, so we can separate some of the garbage. K’s system is to put everything in the garbage and sort it out later.  I’m a bit too lazy for that!  I hope she’ll use it because we’ve had to redo some of the “gomi” lately.

F and I went out again to get a little bit of wifi.  We ended up at Gusto and had a small kakigori each, plus drink bar.  It was all very nice really.  F wasn’t feeling too well however, so we came back to the house.  He basically went straight to bed, and I took a shower. 

I stayed up watching some TV and that was that.  My day. It was quite good actually, and I did a lot of different things for me, so that was good.  

Not sure what I’ll get up to next.  I think you’ll have to come back and find out!  Until tomorrow….

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