July 7, 2017

Friday - Hot and Sunny - Tanabata

A good day.

I got up this morning and watched the BBC news, then a little later the US news.  After 9 I went downstairs and offered K breakfast, but she turned me down.  I took my cereal upstairs and ate it up here.  

After I ate, I did a load of laundry and took it over to the garage.  I brought back the stuff that was there before.  No biggie.  I had a quiet morning here. 

I decided to go downstairs to have lunch.  K again turned down the meal.  She let me know that she wasn’t feeling too well.  I made a sandwich and brought it upstairs again.  I ate and watched a bit of TV, Sherlock I think.  I even emptied out a box of books and put them in a bookcase. Yay me.

Around 3 pm I decided to go out again.  I really wanted to find a coffee shop, or basically somewhere I can go during the day to spend a bit of time.  I tried the Komagihara Spa and it was okay.  I looked at the vegetables, didn’t buy any, but was surprised to see they had kohlrabi.  Yum.  I had an iced coffee and then read some of my Journal.  

I came back to the house, but bought a couple of small ice creams at the close vending machine and gave one to K when I came back.  We sat downstairs and ate our ice creams, it was nice.  

F came back after his work was over and we talked about what to do . His mother didn’t want us to buy her any food, she had some leftovers instead.  

I suggested going to the Internet Cafe as it was really hot in our room.  F liked that idea and so off we went.  Before we left, I told F that I wanted to watch Castle there, so I would have to stay longer than just 3 hours.  He said it was okay.  

We went and each were able to get massaging chairs.  It was rather heavenly tonight to be honest.  I did a little crochet, watched some YouTube and also Castle, which was excellent tonight.  It was about a kidnapped girl and then it turned out that Alexis was kidnapped too. It will be continued next week. I had a not very healthy dinner there and relaxed a lot.

We left after 10:30 and came back to the house via the conbini for drinks.  F went to bed almost right away, I’m still up, but plan to go to bed soon.  

Hopefully I will be able to update tomorrow night.  It was a very hot day. I hope tomorrow is even better and we have a great day together. Which of the events would we find?  Until tomorrow….

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