July 8, 2017

Saturday - Hot and sunny

A good day.

We slept late a bit this morning and then got up.  F asked if I’d like to go for breakfast to restaurant (B) but then he asked his mother along and it took longer to leave than expected, so we went to restaurant (A) for breakfast.  Oh well.  It was nice.  In a break of tradition, I had toast and yogurt instead of eggs, bacon and sausage. It was perfect for me in this heat, but I knew I’d need lunch because of it.  

We took K to the grocery store and then back to the house. F got out the fishing stuff.  He decided that we needed to go and get a few things, so the two of us popped out to the store.  We got the stuff he needed, I got some detergent and a pen and I thought we’d be going back to the house.  Nope.  He wanted to do something.  But what?  I suggested karaoke and was surprised when he said okay.  

The first place we tried said they were full, even though their parking lot was empty.  They must have had a lot of high school kids there.  The second place we went to let us in. Yay. We went to the one near our usual supermarket.

We got free time and sang a lot and drank a lot of things on offer.  I had a good time, F a bit less than that.  We decided to order from the menu for our lunch, but the note on the menu said we couldn’t order over the phone.  F went to the desk to order, but they didn’t take orders until 5pm.  Apparently we could bring our own food in before then.  Say what??  No food on offer!  F offered to go and get us some but I turned him down.  F never manages to get me things that I really want, he tries, but he gets what he thinks I should want, but I never do.  

After we left the karaoke box, we did a little more shopping for fishing stuff and then discussed where to go for dinner.  F never wants to discuss things though. He wants me to tell him where he wants to go, except if it isn’t a ramen shop, I don’t know where that is.  Finally I suggested going to Amarume to the place near the station.  He was okay with that.  We drove there and I was surprised that he didn’t park at first.  He thought I meant another place.  Ugh.  He drove all the way to that town and didn’t know where he was going?  Crazy.

We went in, but they were closed for a beer hall kind of thing.  Sigh.  I basically suggested stopping at a convenience store for me.  I hadn’t eaten in hours and I was getting hungry.  Very hungry.

F used his phone and found a restaurant, so we tried it.  It was okay. It was quite like a bar on the inside, and the food seemed to be pretty blah.  Finally F realized that the lunch time items were available later too, so we ordered set meals.  I had a yakiniku-miso thing, F had horumon fry thing.  It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad either.  I said to F that I wouldn’t go to Amarume just for this restaurant, but if I was there anyway, I might go again.  

We drove back to Tsuruoka and F called his mother. She wasn’t really hungry, but would like something.  We stopped at the grocery store and picked up something for her and then came back to the house.

F spent some time getting the fishing gear ready for tomorrow.  He even broke a glass in the process.  I took the first shower and then got ready to watch Sherlock.  I’ve had it circled on my calendar for months. Well, weeks anyway.  

I thought I’d sit on the bed and do some crochet during Sherlock, but Mr. Noisy came back from his shower and made too much noise.  I grabbed my stuff and went back to my computer chair and watched from there.  Much better. He still made noise, but it wasn’t so close.  Besides, getting closer to Benedict Cumberbatch is not a bad thing!

So that was my day basically. I was out a lot, but tomorrow will be out more I think.  I have a big hat and some sunscreen, so let’s hope they do the job.  

Come back in a bit and find out how fishing goes!  Until tomorrow….

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