August 1, 2017

Tuesday - Humid in the morning, hot and sunny later on.

A good day.

I was really tired this morning.  I had woken up when the rains came around 4, but fell back asleep after that.  I woke up with F as usual, but went back to sleep and was really surprised when my alarm went off again.  

I had a good but quiet morning. I made some coffee at my desk, went and had breakfast with K.  I did the dishes and then came back upstairs.  I did a load of laundry too and hung it up.  No big things really.

I had lunch around 1 today because I did a little bit of salad making.  I made zucchini salad and got into a couple of boxes just to get my stuff out.  Hurray for that.  I had to put it all back when I was done though.  

In the afternoon I wrote up 4 postcrossing cards and got them ready to go.  One of my travelling ones finally arrived today so that was good.  

F called after 5 and said that he was on his way.  He had a bit of an odd request. He wanted to drive to the beach and see where he could park.  He was taking people from his office there tomorrow and wanted to scope out places.  He found a couple of places and then we stopped at Yura and I took some pictures.  It was lovely out.  

Yura Beach


We had dinner at Cocos Ichibanya Curry which was nice but a bit cold since I sat near the AC vent.  I had the curry soup dish again, I really like it. 

We bought a few groceries and then came back to the house.  F gave his mother her dinner and I came upstairs.  We had a quiet evening.  We both took showers, mine was quite late, but nice.  

That was it.  It was a quiet day, but a nice one.  Tomorrow I’m heading out to do a spot of crochet with a friend.  I’ve done my project though, I just have a million ends to darn in.  Wish me luck with that.  

Come back later on Wednesday and hear all about my day.  Until tomorrow….

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