August 9, 2017

Wednesday - Rainy and oh so muggy

A good day.

I had a pretty normal sort of morning for me today.  Got up, watched the news and drank some coffee and tea, then went and had breakfast with K downstairs.  I did a couple of loads of laundry too.  

I made lunch for K and I today too. I wasn’t sure that she’d want it, but she seemed to like it. I made tuna melts and served them with salad and then had canned peaches for dessert. It was kind of yum actually!

In the afternoon I watched a few things off the DVR, and watched another episode of Reign.  It’s interesting, but definitely NOT historically accurate!  I do love to see Megan Follows on it though!

F came home around 6 and we planned where to go for dinner.  I suggested one of his fish places, which got switched to another place and off we went.  We did have a good meal but I was wearing culottes so I had bare feet and legs and felt a bit odd sitting on the tatami.  

We went to McDonalds for some wifi and then bought some groceries at the store.  We came back and to the house and gave K her dinner.  F had chosen some expensive but marked down sushi for her.  

Upstairs I watched some NCIS and then Grey’s at 11 pm.  During the latter I did a bit of end darning on my blanket.  I’m getting there, it’s nearly done. Yay.  

And that’s about it.  F is off work tomorrow which is a bit of a surprise. I’m not sure what he wants to do really.  

Oh, and I have been hit by the stupidity that is Photobucket.  Luckily Blogger doesn’t use them, but I used Photobucket for my old blog that I linked to this one.  A few of my pictures are gone from public view.  I’ll probably just delete the old pictures since I refuse to pay that company.  Yes, they did provide a free service to me for years, but that was what I signed up for.  It seems that it rather like holding my pictures for ransom.  I didn’t get any warning…today I just found a message from them in my Spam folder.  So not cool.  

And that really is it for my day.  Come back tomorrow and see what I get up to before my mini-break with the mister! Until tomorrow….

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