October 23, 2017

Monday - Rainy and super windy

An okay day.

Today a typhoon blew through Japan.  It is quiet now, but for most of the day, the wind was wuthering around the house and the rain was quite fierce.  Usually, the typhoons miss us, but not this time.  

I got up in the morning, dressed, made the bed, the usual stuff.  I went downstairs to have breakfast only to see my husband arrive.  He’d fallen at work and had to change his clothes as what he was wearing was all wet.  Poor thing.  He left and I had breakfast with K again.  

I came upstairs after breakfast and got an email from my friend cancelling our day out together.  I had suggested it earlier as I was worried about the roads, and her driving here with her little one in the car.  We’ll try again tomorrow, hopefully, it’ll work out then.

I got a phone call today too, in the middle of the day.  One of the ladies in AFWJ phoned me and we had a little chat.  It was lovely to hear from her, but not so great to have to chat in English in front of my mother in law!

I had a quick and pretty good lunch today. I had a Costco bagel with peanut butter and cheese, some soup, and some peaches.  I enjoyed it and it kept me going most of the day. K begged off, which was a good thing as I didn’t have enough food for both of us really.

F popped home again a bit later to pick something up, but I’m not sure what.  He left again fairly soon afterwards.  

I had a quiet afternoon in my little room.  I watched quite a lot of TV and was upset to learn that one of the shows I watch had a double episode on while I was gone, and I didn’t get the last episode of the series.  Yikes.  Still, I can catch it on the re-runs probably.  

F came back from work around 6 pm and we decided to eat at the house.  We went to the store and picked up a few things, then brought them back to the house to eat with K.  I had some roasted chicken, F and K had a tonkatsu.  I had bought some salad, so we shared that, plus some spicy tofu and some of the kimchi we got at Costco.  Yum.  F did get a bit antsy with me in the kitchen when we were reheating the food.  He didn’t do it in a reasonable order.  He’d use the oven in the middle of things and then want to use the microwave to heat things up in plastic…that kind of thing.  Still, it all got done eventually.  

I did the dishes after dinner and discovered that the water heater isn’t working properly. I’m rather upset.  I told F tonight and he realized I was right. 

After dinner I came upstairs and watched some TV. I didn’t see anyone else for a few hours.  F finally came upstairs and I gave him a hug, which seemed to help things.  He’s not doing well at the moment.  

And that’s about it for my day.  The storm seems to have passed (crosses fingers) so I’m hoping that tomorrow will be a nice day weather-wise.  Wish us luck with that.

Come back later and see what I get up to. Until tomorrow….

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