November 13, 2017

Monday - Cloudy, a little cold, and clear!

A good day.

I got up this morning on time.  For the first time in ages, I didn’t have to wear an eye mask.  My husband’s alarm clock used to be really bright, now it isn’t, and then our bedroom here is also really bright, or was until F put up the boards on the windows.  Now it wasn’t that bright at all, so I didn’t need the eye mask. 

I had a quiet early morning. I watched the news, made the bed and set out my clothes for later. I had a cup of tea and then went down to have breakfast with K.  She hadn’t put the water-pot on, so I wasn’t able to have tea with her today, but we had our breakfasts and then I did a fast clean up before going upstairs and changing to go out.  

My friend came right on time and we left for the Mall in Mikawa.  On the way, we stopped in at a post office and I bought some Gotochi cards, my friend mailed a package.  

We made great time going to the mall.  We started the trip with some coffee and then did some shopping.  We had lunch around 1 pm and then shopped a bit more!  We both bought things, I got something for my niece and my nephew, she bought something for a relative.  Alas, time got away from us and we had to leave the mall.  I asked her to drive me to her city so that I could catch a train from the station there. It was easier than taking the bus.  

She dropped me off in Sakata at the station, and I bought my ticket, boarded the train and found a seat quite easily.  The train ride was almost too fast!  I didn’t have a chance to really relax and watch the countryside.  

I arrived back in Tsuruoka a little after 4 pm. I walked over to S-Mall, did a little bit of scoping out the goods in the shops and then went to Doutors for a tea.  F called me just as I was sitting down with my tea and cookie.  He had some business to take care of first, so he did that and then came and joined me in Doutors.  He had a drink too and then we left.

We picked up some food for his mother and dropped it off, then went off to Kushibiki and bought another sheet of foam for the windows in our room.

We went out to Kula Sushi for dinner and had a nice meal.  We shared a dessert there too for a change, it was nice.  

We came back to the house and F worked on covering another window.  I watched Get Smart, which was worse than I remembered, then went to bed for 10 minutes as I was feeling tired and not terribly well.  

F and I had some tea and I watched a little more TV, including Project Runway.  The right person definitely went home today!

That’s about it for me for today. It was a busy day really, so I’m almost looking forward to a quieter day at the house tomorrow.  Wish me luck with that!    Until tomorrow….  


Usman Makhdoom said...

You're the longest-going Japan blogger going!

I love your blogging style and everydayishness of it all.

Thanks fr those archives as well, and for teaching me the word 'zakka'.

Helen said...

Thank you!

I'm not sure if I really am the longest going blogger in Japan, but it has been quite a while.

Zakka is a good word! I like it a lot too :-)