November 19, 2017

Sunday - SNOW!!!

A good, productive day.  

I slept in this morning.  It was Sunday and I didn’t feel like getting up. I didn’t go to bed until 3:30 or something, so needed the extra sleep anyway.  F came back to bed about the time I started to get up.  He had made bread overnight and asked me if I could give some to his mother for her breakfast/lunch.  

I got dressed and then went down and had a bit of lunch with K.  While I was in the kitchen I turned on the overhead light and she came in and told me off.  Whatever.  It wasn’t dark in there, but I like to be able to see when I am making food! I made some open-faced sandwiches on F’s lovely homemade bread and also served us a chawanmushi each, plus some cup soup.  I liked it!

After I did the dishes, I came back upstairs again and started to move a lot of the stuff in our rooms.  I made room for our kerosene heater and cleared out the boxes from in front of it.  It took a while as we had a lot of DVDs there. I got the idea to move a DVD rack into the hallway so we could at least keep some of the best DVDs close by.  We did that and I sorted through the DVDs and put favourites in the racks and ones that we rarely watch to go to the garage and probably never be seen again.  

F brought up the kerosene heater and we switched it on.  Warmth, hurray.  He also told his mother off for yelling at me and not using the lights.  Honestly, she’s terrible.  She’ll sit in the dark rather than “waste” the energy to have the lights on.  I figure that I am important enough to have the lights on.  I try not to be wasteful and leave the lights on when I leave the room, but I am going to use them if I deem it necessary.

We went out around 4 and picked up something for K’s dinner.  F wasn’t going to, but I told him we had to be the adults here!  He said he wasn’t an adult…. After that, we went out.  He suggested a nice, spendy restaurant first, and then a crap one that I hate.  We ended up going there and it was as bad as I remember.  Sigh.  Big food that is bad isn’t a good thing.  

He was hemming and hawing about putting on the winter tires but hadn’t done it.  First, he said tomorrow, then he said tonight, and so on. He started to do it but didn’t have the right tools, so we had to go and buy them.  When we came back, I helped him move the new tires, and then came into the house to do garbage duty. K got up to see who was in the kitchen so I told her what F was doing.  By that time, I was putting away the clean dishes, so it was obvious that I was doing something.  Also, the lights were on!

When F finished, we left the house.  I wasn’t sure if we would go for a drink and some wifi or to the Internet Cafe.  We ended up at the Internet Cafe.  I watched a little TV and then some YouTube.  I started to watch Jann Arden on YouTube and she is so darn funny that I was laughing out loud at some of the things she said.  

When it was time to go, we paid our bill. As F did that, I looked outside and gasped.  There was a lot of snow outside.  It had snowed and there was probably 5 cm of snow on the car and the ground.  Yikes.  I still haven’t found my winter boots.  

We got back to the house and came upstairs.  F took a shower tonight and I didn’t.  I’ve been on my computer for a while, in front of the heater. Yay for that!  It’s nearly warm enough in this room.  

Tomorrow I’m not sure what I’ll get up to.  I hope there isn’t any more fallout from the “Lightgate”.  Time will tell.  Come back later and find out all about the happenings here in Tsuruoka.  Until tomorrow….


Orchid64 said...

Does your mother-in-law have no appreciation for the way you and F provide her with food? It seems enormously ungrateful to worry about a few minutes of light and what it'll cost when she's getting her lunch and breakfast made for her and you guys often buy her bentos or other food for her dinner. Can she not take care of herself at all? What did she do to feed herself before you guys moved in?

Helen said...

She can take care of herself somewhat. She doesn't go out by herself, but she does cook some foods for herself. She's just gotten over a cold so I am trying to see this as a good thing, since she had enough energy to complain about the lights. But, yeah, not fun.

For the last couple of years, F always came to the house and brought her food after work. Even now, we still take her shopping once a week or so, so she can things for herself.