November 27, 2017

Monday - Sunny and warmer

A good day.

I dragged myself out of bed this morning, but it was a nice, sunny day, so it wasn’t too bad. I did my usual morning stuff and then went down to see about breakfast. K was around today and I asked if she’d like cereal and she said yes. No big deal. We had breakfast together and it was rather nice.

I did three loads of laundry after breakfast. Some of it got hung in the garage, some up in my room.  I also made up some labels with the label paper that F bought me yesterday. I got it to work after a lot of effort! I was a little late asking K if she’d like lunch, but she said yes, so I fixed that up too. I didn’t cook but made us some steamed veggies in the microwave, some salad and some chicken roll. For a hot liquid, we had some onion consommĂ©. Most of it came directly from the supermarket. I also did a piece of F’s bread with some jam on it for our “afters”. K ate everything, although it took her a while.  

I did the dishes and came back upstairs. In the afternoon I finished another of the Christmas tree ornaments. This one turned out even better than the first one. I’m almost sorry to have to give them away! They are darn cute.

I did some computer stuff during the afternoon too.  

When F came back to the house after work, he wanted to make dinner at the house as his sister had given us some fish and we’d bought gyoza on the weekend. I told him it was fine, as long as we picked up a few additional things for us. He had this menu of gyoza, miso soup and fish planned for us, plus rice but no veggies. We went to the store and we bought a couple of veggie things from the deli part and some drinks too. He ended up buying some soba for him and his mother too.  She had told him that she wasn’t very hungry as lunch was big.  Well, dinner was going to be huge.

F cooked the gyoza and the fish and did bachelor packs of rice for him and his mother too.  I heated up one of the veggie dishes, set the table, made the instant miso soup and tried to make F see that there was too much food for his mother.  He didn’t believe me.  

I didn’t have any rice or soba at dinner and I was full, and that was after I’d asked F to keep back a few gyoza for our lunch tomorrow.  His mother was really full and I felt bad for her.  F just doesn’t have a realistic idea of what she likes to eat.  

After dinner, I cleared the table and did the dishes.  Although I had told F that he got to clean the fish grill, he buggered off and I did it.  It wasn’t too bad, but I was annoyed with him.  I also prepared the garbage to go out tomorrow, so I was quite busy.  

I went upstairs and F came up a few minutes later.  He asked if I’d like to go for a walk and I said I would because I’d been thinking of asking him if he’d like to go. It was a nice day and didn’t seem that cold out.  

I got all kitted up in some workout gear and a warm jacket plus hat and we went out. It was cold.  Really cold. It was a lovely clear night, however, and when we were moving it wasn’t too bad. We ended up at the Komagi Spa and went in, but left right away. All in all, we walked a couple of kilometres tonight. Yay us. I suggested that we go home as I was worried about my lungs as it was around 0℃ outside.  

I half-watched a Mission Impossible movie and had some tea. F took a shower and then went to bed after a bit of a drink. I’m not sure what I’ll get up to tomorrow but I hope I’ll be writing Christmas cards and sending them and my Christmas Ornament away.  

Come back later and see if I manage to get it all done. Until tomorrow….

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