November 5, 2017

Sunday - Sunny with surprise showers
Happy Guy Fawkes Day!

Had a really good day today, which surprised the heck out of me!  F and I slept in this morning, even had a bit of a snuggle before getting up.  K didn’t want to go out for lunch as she’d eaten, so the two of us did.  

F wanted to go to a place quite far away, I didn’t.  Actually, he also suggested another raw fish place for lunch, but since I’d had it yesterday, begged off it today.  We drove past Kitchen Futaba and decided to go there.  It was a good choice.  I had the tuna and mushroom quiche plate and F had the paella and seemed to like it.  He did complain a bit about the size, but really I think he enjoyed it.  

We visited the Chido Museum for a while this afternoon.  They were having a painting exhibition so we went to see it.  We both enjoyed it.  Many of the paintings were screens for the Tokonoma but were quite good.  My favourite one was of a chicken if you can believe it!

We were just about to leave the building and go round to the garden when we noticed it was pouring outside!  It had just started to rain.  I was fine waiting for a bit, F wanted to go and get the umbrellas from the car.  After a brief setback, he went for the brollies.  Of course, by the time he got back, the rain had stopped!  It was rather funny.  
A newly re-built building on the museum grounds. I love the crane carving.

We walked round to the garden and as always I took too many photos.  It is a lovely place though.  We left the museum after a bit.

This building was being re-thatched earlier this summer.  Here's a look at the finished product.
Nice job I'd say!

F and I went to S-Mall and had a trip around the hundred yen shop.  I needed some things for my sister’s birthday present. I got them, and then a few things for my craft projects.  After that, we went to Doutor for a coffee.  F’s phone was almost out of energy, so I loaned him my battery.  Honestly, who lets their phone get down to 5 percent battery anyway?  Not me!  All of a sudden, F asked me if I would mind if he went to get a massage, a proper one.  I know how in pain he’s been lately, so said it was fine. He asked me what I’d like to do, so I thought for a minute and said I’d go to the Internet Cafe for a bit.  He dropped me off and then went to the massage place.  I got a massaging chair and spent the next hour or so watching Martha Stewart and relaxing.  

When F was done, he came and got a massaging chair too.  We stayed for a while until my three hours was up, and then we left.

We drove to F’s house to check on his mother. She was okay but didn’t want to go out for dinner.  F and I went to the store and picked up some food for all of us.  We came back to the house, heated it up and had dinner together.  It was quite nice to be together again.  

Afterwards, I did the dishes and then got F to help me clear out the fridge a bit.  There was some food in there that was too old to eat now.  I tossed a few things too.  I prepared the garbage to go out and F put it in the genkan so he’d remember to take it out in the morning.

As it was still fairly early and K had already gone to bed, I asked F if we could go for a gentle walk.  He thought it was a good idea, so I got changed and then we went over to the park and walked around the course.  We went about one and a half times around the course.  I could have done more but was worried about F overdoing it.  He didn’t sleep well last night, and I knew he was tired and in pain.  

We had a nice walk and then came back to the house.  We had some hot drinks and relaxed a bit. I tried to watch a bit of telly, but wasn’t that much in the mood for it. 

And that was my day.  It was actually really nice.  Tomorrow, however, I’ll be back to my usual mornings. I just hope I can get up again at an early time!  I might go for a walk, or I might not.  I’ll have to play everything by ear.  Come back a bit later and see how my Monday goes.  Until tomorrow….

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