January 14, 2018

Sunday - Cold, but with afternoon sun

An interesting day.

I woke up this morning in an empty house. F had taken his mother off to the onsen. I was quite happy that they had gone out together. I took a few minutes and took care of a couple of personal things and then went online. I planned to go back to bed, but before I knew it, F and K were back!

F came into the room wanting to know what I wanted for lunch, but since I hadn’t even thought about breakfast couldn’t answer.  He left to talk to his mother and I went back to bed.  F came back in the room and I thought he’d come for a snuggle, but didn’t.  He was sitting at the foot of the bed. I asked him how he was and he jumped!  He’d thought I had left the room, didn’t notice me in bed!

Turns out that his mother decided to make the curry for our lunch today, so lunch was decided upon.  We went down and F did most of the serving, I put the water on for some tea for afterwards.  The curry was nice and it was quite nice to have family time together.  F did the dishes afterwards while I prepared tea for us all.  After that, I washed the cups and came back upstairs to join F.  

He suggested taking our bedding to the laundromat which I thought a good idea.  Only thing was I wanted to change the sheets to our special winter ones that are cozy.  They were in the attic-style space next to our room.  F got the door open and looked for the right box. He pulled out a box of stuff that was mine from the first time I lived here. It was full of stuff like postcards from my trips before I got married!  Woot!  I got some great ones.  More for Postcrossing!

Unfortunately, F couldn’t close the door again.  With the temperature forecast going down tonight we couldn’t leave the door open.  He decided he needed a jack to expand the door frame enough to move the door. He didn’t know where his car jack was, so we had to go out and buy one.  

We went out to the hardware shop and got a new jack, brought it back to the house and after a bit of fiddling, got the door to close. Yay.  I also got my suitcase from my trip to Canada put away again. Yay for that.  However, F was in quite a state after all of this and no longer felt like going to the laundromat. Oh dear. Maybe next weekend?

After he’d recovered a little bit, we went out to buy kerosene and to have a drink.  We went to Cafe Studio Cinq where we discovered that they’ve taken Soy Latte off the menu. Sigh. The one fancy drink they had that I could have and it has gone. Oh dear.  We had coffees and made use of the free wifi for a while.

F drove to the gas station and we picked up the kerosene. I was a tad worried that F would come to blows with someone because F jumped the line, but a worker told F that the other guy was ahead of him. Whew.  I had told F he was but he didn’t care.  Happily, nothing bad happened and we drove back to the house. 

It was getting later and dinner was on people’s minds.  We had planned to go to Aki for lunch before F’s mother said she was cooking so decided to go there for dinner. It was a good choice.  It’s our local okonomiyaki place, they do Hiroshima style and it is good.  Their gyoza is also good.  We had a lovely and very filling dinner with K along too.  She seemed to like it a lot and ate heartily.  

After dinner, F and I drove K back to the house and then we went out to go to MaxValu for a few groceries.  I some things for lunches and for adding to lunches over the next few weeks in case I make lunch for K.  I got things for me to eat, and we got some beverage for F too.  

We came back to the house and put away the groceries.  I prepared the garbage to go out tomorrow. It took a bit of time and I had to toss some older food from the fridge too.  No biggie.  

Upstairs F and I relaxed. We had some tea and a bit of a snuggle for a while.  F complained about the cold and to be fair, it does feel quite cold tonight.  It’s supposed to be -6 tonight, so the inside of this draughty house is colder than I’d like.  

I’m not sure what I’ll get up to tomorrow. I’m thinking that I might go to the post office in the am if I can to pick up some stamps.  I need to do some Postcrossing!

That’s it for me for today.  It was a busy day, but nothing much got accomplished.  Until tomorrow….


Marta said...

Keep warm!:)

Helen said...

I am trying! It's a little warmer today happily!

Thanks for commenting :-)