February 14, 2018

Wednesday - Warm but windy at night.  

Happy Valentine’s Day!

A good day.

F had to go to work a little early today and he managed to wake me up on the way.  No worries though…I just wished him a good day and went back to sleep until my alarms went off.  

When I got up I had to fill up my water bottles and the kerosene heater.  I didn’t get them mixed up! I watched my TV and then I did a load of laundry when I picked up my breakfast.  

I did have a visitor early in the morning though.  I have to tell the story.  Last night as he was going to bed, I reminded F that tomorrow was Valentine’s Day.  I was trying to give him warning that I wanted some chocolate.  I was surprised when he got up out of bed and started searching for something frantically on his side of the bed.  I asked him what was up and he said that he’d bought me chocolates already, but couldn’t remember where he’d put them.  I was surprised since I didn’t think that he’d bought any!  This morning, he showed up at the house and found the bag with the box of chocolates in it.  He gave them to me and then rushed back to work.  Too funny!

I had a quiet kind of day really.  I watched a couple of episodes of Reign which I enjoyed.  I went out in the afternoon and did a little snow-shovelling.  With the warmer weather, some of the snow had melted. Yay! I went for a little walk to the vending machines but didn’t buy anything as I wasn’t in the mood.  

F was back from work fairly early tonight and I gifted him with my chocolates.  He was surprised!  I got them a couple of weeks ago and hid them.  

I suggested going for okonomiyaki for dinner and F liked that idea.  He wasn’t sure if his mother would come, but it ended up that she did. I’m not sure that it would have been a romantic dinner for us if she didn’t come, but it wasn’t with her there! Oh well.  Dinner was good. We shared two orders and an order of gyoza too.  

After dinner, we went to the grocery store and bought a few groceries. I got some vegetables for tomorrow’s lunch rather than a salad.  

We came back to the house and unloaded the shopping.  Then, F and I went back out again to get a bit of wifi at McDonald.  We spent about an hour there. It was quiet tonight and very cold.  Brrr.  

We came home and had a nice quiet evening.  We opened our chocolates and each had one.  Yum!  

So, that is basically my day.  I didn’t start packing at all, but I did do a bit of research for my next column.  I’m riffing a little on the Journal’s topic, I think it’ll work out.  

Tomorrow I hope to write a little, pack a little and maybe even tidy up….if I can!  Come back later and find out what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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