February 17, 2018

Saturday - Cold and snowy-boo!

A good day.

We had a late morning today. F and I snoozed a bit late and that was nice for a change. F got up and took his mother off to the onsen. I, meanwhile, was busy. I made our bed, filled up our kerosene heater and his mother’s, did a personal thing and then got dressed and started to put lunch together for us.  I had some Ukrainian Sausage from Costco (from my hometown) that was expiring, so paired that with some crackers, cheese, kabocha soup, and gobo salad. It wasn’t a cooking meal, but I had to prep everything and set it out. When they came back (an hour after F said they’d be!), almost everything was ready. I just had to heat up the soup.  

We had a very nice lunch, and I even had to refill the cheese, garlic sausage and crackers. Yay! F did the dishes afterwards while I caught up on my computer. F asked me to go out after he was done as he had a couple of errands to run.  

We filled up the car and some kerosene tanks and then delivered them to the house. After that, we went out. We decided to go to the second-hand shop and have a look around on the grounds that we weren’t looking for anything! We did have a rummage through the store. I got a second-hand handbag for very reasonable, and also a cd. F got a couple of books and three glasses.  

We had dinner at a restaurant close to the second-hand shop. It was okay. I had curry and F had ramen, and we shared some gyoza.  

We had oodles of time before our movie started to F suggested going to S-Mall to have a drink. I was okay with that so off we went.

When we got to the mall, I said I needed to go to the hundred yen shop as I’d forgotten something yesterday. We both went and I got a new eye mask for sleeping in and some paper. F got a couple of things for his work. When we paid, I grabbed the bag. I also told him that we should go and get our drink right away as we’d run out of time otherwise.  

When we got to Doutor I used my card to pay for our drinks. I was carrying my purse, our shopping and then the tray. F had grabbed us a couple of glasses of water. Then he wanted to know where to sit. Ack. He suggested a place in a corner. It was great except I wouldn’t be able to get into the corner because of all I was holding. I told him it didn’t matter and to just pick a place. He got a bit upset with me but did sit at the big table in the middle.  It was so much easier to sit there. I tried to explain, but stopped when I realized that he was just getting more upset at that. He did calm down, but it struck me that it really should have been ME who got angry with him, rather than the other way around.  

We left the coffee shop before it closed and drove to the theatre.  We bought our tickets and popcorn and went to see The Greatest Showman.  It was good, but somehow not great.  I enjoyed the songs and the singing, the performances too, but I didn’t find it to be the kind of movie that I would love forever.  It might improve if I see it again.  

We came back to the house via a convenience store and then up to our room. It’s a lot colder tonight so we’ll be turning off water and leaving some taps on so they don’t freeze.  I can’t wait for spring….

So that’s about it for me.  We don’t have many plans for tomorrow, but I will probably join my crochet circle again. I’m looking forward to that, even though I haven’t done much work on anything since last week!  

Come back later and see how I manage on Sunday.  Until tomorrow….

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