March 10, 2018

Saturday - Cloudy and coolish

An okay day.

F and I slept in this morning and it was very nice!  Neither of us usually sleep in, and since we didn’t have set plans for today it was fine.  When we did get up after 1 I think, F wanted to take his mother out for lunch. I didn’t really mind, but I did hope to spend time with him alone.  

We drove out to Kushibiki and had lunch in a Japanese style restaurant there. I’ve been a few times before with Fumihiko and it’s okay. Today I had a mabo-dofu set meal.  It was good.  F had yakisoba and his mother had ramen.  

When we finished, we went to the grocery store and I picked up a few packets of biscuits for a friend of mine.  Since I discovered this grocery store sells British “cookies”, my friends from Britain have been quite happy! K picked up some groceries too and then we went back to the house.  After a weird moment when F and K had a snack and didn’t invite me to join them until it was too late, the three of us went out again to a coffee shop for coffee.  When we finished, we went back to the house and dropped K off.

F and I went off to the mall in Tsuruoka. He came up with the idea to go and get a massage, so when we arrived at the mall, I got him to phone and make an appointment for himself. I went to the mall and had a good time shopping. There’s a shop that is moving in the mall and everything in the shop is half price at the moment. I got a few things there, and in another shop and then went down to Doutors to have a drink.  A few minutes later, I hadn’t even had a sip of my drink yet, F called me from the mall. 

We had drinks and then left the mall. F wanted to go drinking tonight, but had forgotten that we needed to buy kerosene first!  We took care of that and then went back to the house.  

At the house, I wanted to change and also send a quick note to a friend.  F asked if I’d be ready soon and I said I would, meaning in a few minutes of course.  Next thing I knew, he was calling a taxi.  I was really upset.  I had no idea he was planning to call a taxi that soon.  He always does that to me and it is so frustrating.  My idea of soon and his are so different and he is so annoying when he is like this.  I hurriedly changed my shirt and dashed off a note to my friend and had a few words with him.  Then, of course, he started to pout and do this hurt/angry thing that he does. We went off and when we got to the restaurant that he wanted to go to, he put us in a corner where we couldn’t even see the big screen TV. I was a bit sad since I thought it might be fun to watch the rock concert on the screen.  Then he got pouty-pouty again and said he didn’t even want to be there anymore.  Oh dear.  I figured that we were both hungry as it had been hours since we had eaten.  

Sure enough, with a bit of food and some drink in him, F cheered up and started acting normal again.  We had a nice time at the restaurant but then he wanted to go to some other place.  We paid and left.  We walked to another place and went in.

We had some food there, and a drink each.  It wasn’t as good as the first place by a long shot.  The music was too loud and there was heavy metal playing every few minutes.  The food was okay, but not great.  

After a while, we left and came back to the house.  F went to sleep quite soon, but of course, I am still up.  

I’m not sure what we’ll get up to on Sunday. F was talking about getting a haircut. I need to do some shopping, but probably won’t be able to do any.  And, of course, tomorrow is the anniversary of the March 11 earthquake which brings up a lot of emotions around here.

Come back later if you like and see what we get up to.  Until tomorrow…

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