April 18, 2018

Wednesday - Cloudy with a bit of rain

A good day.

I slept in a tad this morning, but did get up before it was too late.  I had my usual sort of morning…TV, coffee and tea, breakfast and more TV.  I did a little laundry and received a postcard in the mail.  

In the afternoon, nothing much happened.  I had a quiet afternoon, I did write up three cards for my Postcrossing though.  Around 3:15 I went downstairs to do dishes and then get a start on dinner stuff.  I rinsed the cabbage to get a start on the coleslaw, skimmed the pulled pork, and washed and picked over the blueberries for dessert.  I went back upstairs when I was done.

I scanned my cards and waited for F to call.  He called and I sent him to a menswear shop to get a black tie.  I went downstairs to start dinner but he called me back to say he wasn’t going to buy a tie there!  It was too expensive for him.  He wants to go to the 100 yen shop for one.  I countered with going to the big mall on the weekend.  He might get a more reasonable one there.  

When he arrived at the house, I asked him to check that his mother was okay with the same thing as for dinner as last night.  He thought it was a dumb question but did ask her.  She was.  He got changed and then came down to help/get in the way!  No, actually tonight he was fine.  I got things on the table fairly quickly.  K had pulled pork on rice with coleslaw and salad, F and I had salad and pulled pork on tortillas.  It was really nice.  F did the dishes again in the middle, and then I served the blueberries and the rest of the blackberries. Yum.  

I finished up the dishes and then went upstairs.  F joined me and said that he wanted to take a bath tonight.  I said I didn’t and suggested that he drop me off at either a restaurant or the Internet cafe to wait.  I foolishly suggested going with him to the onsen and that’s the option he picked!  I didn’t mind too much.  There is a coffee shop there.

We drove to the onsen, I mailed my cards in the post box outside.  I am privately wondering how the Postie feels about pulling out cards going to Finland, Russia and the Netherlands! He or she might be a bit surprised.  F went to the bath, I went to the coffee shop and had an iced coffee.  I nursed it and made use of the free wifi.  I eventually got on to my book and was enjoying it when F showed up again.  

We sat for a while and then he bought himself a drink at the vending machines.  We left for Tsuruoka but made a stop at the grocery store for some lunch food for me.  

We came back to the house and I went into Garbage Mode.  I cleared the fridge of a few foods that had been in there too long, then bagged up everything.  I put it near the door for F to take out in the morning.  

I came upstairs and watched Grey’s Anatomy and then a few other things.  I’m planning to get to bed soon as it is getting late. 

Tomorrow I might get a start on my latest column.  Why does it feel like such a huge chore these days?  I used to love writing it.  I still do, just not sure the work is worth it.  

Come back later and see what happens on Thursday.  Until tomorrow….

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