April 20, 2018

Friday - Warmish and sunny

A quiet, not great day.

I got up early this morning and then went back to bed for a while. I did get up after a bit and watched the news and then my show.  I took some laundry downstairs at 10ish and set it going, then grabbed my breakfast stuff and came upstairs again.  

I spent most of my day upstairs in the room. King Kong was on TV and I found myself watching it again.  Adrian Brody is in that one, and Naomi Watts was very good in her part too.  

I had a lateish lunch but it didn’t feel like a lot of food. I was a tad hungry for a while.

F came back to the house around 6 I think.  He had tried to book himself a massage, but couldn’t.  His next plan was to go to the onsen.  I didn’t want to go in, but said I’d go with him and use their wifi.  We picked up a bento for K and delivered it, then drove off to the onsen.

He went to take a bath, I went to the cafe.  I bought tickets for a soft drink and also fried potatoes, french fries by another name.  They weren’t expensive, so I assumed they’d be a small dish.  Well, when they arrived, the dish was huge and they were amazing!  Freshly made, ketchup on the side and perfectly cooked.  I ate them all, mostly by chopstick.  I was really hungry beforehand though.  

I read my book and finished it too. I had just about caught up with my internet things so said it was okay to go.  We left and drove back to Tsuruoka for dinner.

I didn’t want too much since I’d eaten a lot of fries, but we ended up going to a Chinese restaurant.  F and I shared 3 dishes of food that were pretty good, and hopefully not too unhealthy.  We had some sweet and sour chicken, bifun noodles and some stir-fried green vegetable with garlic.  That was yummy.  

After the Chinese restaurant, we took a drive past our old apartment.  There were curtains hung up in the window, so I assume that someone else is living there now.  It makes me quite sad.  Not all of the experiences in that place were good, but it was a convenient place to live and I liked it so much more than here.  

When we came back to the house, I went to the washroom and F came straight upstairs.  By the time I got upstairs, he was halfway through his beer.  That was annoying.  He was in bed before 9:30 and despite me asking him if he’d like to watch something with me, fell asleep soon after.  In my mind, Friday nights are for fun, not falling asleep.  I know he worked a full day and I didn’t, but this keeps happening.  

Anyway, I’m going to end this here.  Tomorrow we have doctor appointments in the late morning and I’m also hoping that we’ll make a trip over to the mall in the evening to see a movie.  Come back later and see if we get up to anything interesting.  Until tomorrow….

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