April 25, 2018

Wednesday - Rainy and cold

A good day.  

Bit of a different day for me in a way.  I woke up at a good time today, but went and watched the news from my bed! I snoozed at the end of the English news and then woke up for my drama.  I got dressed, made the bed and had my coffee.  Breakfast was had by me at 10ish, basically the same old thing.  

I worked a bit on my column today and I also dealt a little with K.  She was cooking up a storm today but came out all concerned to me that she didn’t have any curry roux.  I have curry powder, but not roux.  If the weather had been better I could probably have gone to the store for her, but it was cold and rainy and the store isn’t that close.  I texted F in case he’d be able to stop by with some, but he was busy. He did make a joke where he suggested using chocolate instead for the curry, but I said it was a waste of chocolate!  I know I could probably use the curry powder, but I’d have to make a kind of roux and I couldn’t really get into doing that for her on the fly. I’d need to look up how to do it and it would be a huge hassle for me.  

I took a bit of a nap this morning too, on the floor of the room. I was really cold today.  I had on a warm vest and my shrug, but I was cold and sleepy.  

So, anyway, later on, F came back to the house bringing some curry roux, some yogurt for me and a few snacks for him.  His mother was happy and put the curry on the table when she was done.  She didn’t do anything else though, left it up to F and me to prepare everything else! We set the table, put out rice for people and also some naan that F had bought. I put out drinks and some kimchi as well.  Dinner was fine.  It wasn’t bad at all.  I wasn’t too happy about K leaving the curry on the stove during the day but that is Japanese style. 

I did the dishes afterwards although when I was nearly done, F tried to take over.  I told him to just dry them instead!  He didn’t really get it until I said it a couple more times.  

The guy who was coming over to bring me something showed up a little early, so that was good.  We had a nice chat via F’s translating skills and things are fine. I got lots of information and am hopeful that everything will go well.  He even provided a couple of solutions for next winter so that was good.

When he left, I asked F if we could go out for a bit and he said yes. After a few minutes of discussion, we chose to go to Mosburgers.  We went there and instead of having dessert like we usually do, we had a box of fries and onion rings.  It was good, but we really shouldn’t have.  We got some wifi time and a bit of relaxing outside the house which made me happy. 

We came back to the house around 10 pm and I watched Blindspot.  Is it just me or does the show get more ridiculous all the time?  I mean, I like the female characters quite a lot, but the main guy isn’t my favourite at all.  I don’t like him much.  F went to bed somewhere during the show.  I followed that up with Grey’s Anatomy, which was quite good.  I am surprised that anyone gets any work done at that hospital though. 

And that’s about it for me.  Tomorrow I’m going to have to come up with at least one more film and then I hope I can finish up this column of mine before the big holiday starts.  Fingers crossed anyway!

Come back later if you are up to the challenge and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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