May 11, 2018

Friday - Hot and sunny!

A good day.

I got up this morning and stayed up. I watched the news from my chair and dressed early too.  I did watch Major Crimes in the morning and had an onigiri for breakfast.  F called to say that he was coming by the house for something and I asked if he could give me a ride.  He could!

He drove me to the downtown area of Tsuruoka and let me off.  It was a nice treat to be dropped off.  I visited the post office and made a small deposit and also bought some lovely Kabuki stamps.  Then, I headed off up the street.

I took myself off to the local theatre to see something again. It was in a smaller room this time but still enjoyable.  After it was over, I walked back downtown, stopping in at my hairdresser to see if she could fit me in today.  She could, but not until 4 pm.

I went to S-Mall and did a little shopping at the hundred yen shop, and then I had lunch at the Pizza Hut Express.  They had a special of pasta, a mini pizza, a mini salad and a drink, so I had that and enjoyed it.  After lunch, I had a break in another shop and then it was time to go back to my hairdresser.  

I got my hair cut quite short again. It’s still a basic pixie cut, I just like them and they pretty much are wash-and-wear hair.  It took about an hour and I was able to relax and feel rather pampered.  

I headed back to the Mall and after a little bit of window-shopping, ended up in Doutors where I waited for F.  He called around 6 to say that he was at the house but would buy gas and change before he met me.  That was no problem.  I was reading so didn’t mind.

When F arrived, I let him use my card to buy himself a coffee and then we both used the free wifi for a while.  F suggested dinner in Foodever, which was a good suggestion.  

After a brief trip back to the hundred yen shop where I bought only the thing I needed and nothing else, we drove over to Foodever.  F had soba and said it was very good, I had grilled fish and potatoes and that was very good.  I had the option of having oven grilled potatoes or takenoko (bamboo root) but to me there wasn’t much of a choice!  

We stopped by the grocery store to pick up a bento for K and then came back to the house.  We watched The Good Doctor and then F went to bed. He was very tired.  I walked all over downtown Tsuruoka today, so I’m really tired and am now planning to go to bed.  So, I’m outta here. I have no idea what this weekend will be like.  Fingers crossed things go well.  

Until tomorrow….

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