May 20, 2018

Sunday - Warmish and sunny

A good day.

This morning, F and I slept in. Very late!  I did get semi-dressed around 10am but went back to bed for a snooze.  F suggested going to a gyudon place for lunch, but I didn’t think his stomach was ready for that. Of course, he was planning to have fish there, but the rice might have been a bit hard on him.  When we finally did get up, he asked his mother if she’d like to join us. She said yes, and that she wanted udon.  Well, that solved everything!

We went to an udon restaurant that we went to once before and had an okay lunch.  It wasn’t great today, but it wasn’t bad either.  Afterwards, we dropped K back at the house and F and I went out.  We had planned to go to the ocean or an ashi-yu but weren’t sure where. K asked us to pick up some veggies for her, so we decided to do that first.  Rather than go to the regular grocery store, we went to the Komagihara market.  They didn’t have exactly what she wanted, but F bought her a few things. He dropped them at the house and we were off.  

We ended up in Atsumi-Onsen, which was rather a surprise.  I hadn’t expected to go so far away.  F even took the (free) highway to get there. We drove around the town and parked.  We went to a little cafe there that has a foot-bath in front of it and went into the cafe.  We each had a raspberry cappuccino. I loved it, but there wasn’t very much of it in the cup for the price!  

When we finished, we paid, I bought a few postcards and then we went outside, took off our socks and dunked our feet in the water.  It was really nice.  We walked off a few minutes later.  We tried to find another foot-bath, but couldn’t.  

A river in Atsumi-Onsen

We drove back towards Tsuruoka along the coast at first. It was beautiful. The sea was gorgeous in the sun. Then, F took the highway, thinking it would get him closer to the beach he wanted to take me to.  It didn’t.  We got off the highway and drove back to the beach.  

We parked in Yunohama near the beach and went for a walk along the shore.  It was lovely.  I had sandals on, and no socks, so I took off my sandals, rolled up my jeans and got my feet wet.  It was lovely! It was really cold at first, but once I was used to it, I liked it a lot.  I walked along the shore barefoot for a while, but I started to get nervous about glass or sharp shells and put my sandals back on.  

Getting my feet wet!

Sunset at the beach.

We drove back to Tsuruoka, trying to stop at a couple of places for a coffee, but they had always just closed! Eventually, I said to F that if we were really going to go to the Internet Cafe, we could just get coffee there for free.  He agreed, and that’s what we did.  We had our dinner there too.

We each got a massaging chair tonight and spent 3 hours doing what we liked.  I did a very little bit of loom knitting and watched some TV and also had a very unhealthy dinner of French Fries and chicken nuggets.  F said he had udon, but I really think he had yakisoba!  

After our 3 hours was up, we went to the grocery shop for a quick shop. I needed some things for me to eat tomorrow.  We came back to the house where showers were in order for both of us.  I watched The Mentalist with Henry Thomas in it, he played Lisbon’s brother. 

F went to bed. He has to go back to work tomorrow and I hope he’ll be okay.  His stomach is still painful but he does seem to be in a better condition today. I do hope he takes it easy on hard to digest food for a while.  

That’s all for me for today.  Tomorrow I am not really sure what I’ll get up to. I’d like to do some laundry and maybe work on my Postcrossing…or I could try and tidy up my room.  Or catch up on sleep or…. Come back later and find out! Until tomorrow….

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